Best Press Release Distribution Strategies 2018

The world of PR has seen many changes in the last decade. This is, in part, due to technology and the evolution of modern journalism. In fact, many would say that Press Release Distribution is dead and is no longer a useful marketing tool. But this could not be further from the truth. Press Release Distribution is still one of the best ways to promote business. If done correctly, a successful PR distribution can give the brand the visibility it needs. Read ahead to learn more about the press release distribution and best press release distribution strategies of 2018.

  1. Start with a great headline.

A Press Release headline is a tiny but vital part of the release. In a few short words, this will have to deliver the essence of the story in a way that would attract attention. Here are a couple of ways to make the headline pop:

  • Make it short but impactful. An ideal headline should be 100 characters or less. Not only is this important for journalists who read through hundreds of releases each day, but it is also a great way to ensure that the press release will get indexed effectively in Google and other search engine results pages.
  • Make use of action words. Action words have a way of empowering the story, so use an active voice.
  • Use easy and clear language with a focus on diction and grammar. A great press release should be well-written with no grammar mistakes. Use easy language that average people can understand and skip the jargon and any technical words.
  1. Answer the most important questions first.

A press release should be written as a news piece. These days, press releases can get published automatically on the internet, so it’s important that the format is suitable. When writing a news copy, make sure to get straight to the point. Include all the important information at the top of the press release and the supporting details after it. Focus on answering the most important question of, “why should I care?” Remember, this only get a few hundred characters on a press release. It’s important that every word counts when telling the story.

  1. Use a quote to add more insight to the press release.

One of the mistakes this can make is to use a quote for the purpose of adding information to the news copy. But a killer quote is so much more effective when it is used to shed some light on what it want to imply. Choose a quote that adds a human touch, something that the audience will relate to. And get a quote from someone important or influential from the industry. Journalists, particularly, like press releases with great quotes on them as they add more credibility to a news story.

  1. Optimize the press release for search engines.

The topic of SEO intimidates a lot of people. But SEO is actually easier to do. By using the best SEO practices on the press release distribution, this can maximize its potential for a successful online campaign. However, there is a thin line between good SEO practices and spammy content that can get flagged by Google. Avoid keyword stuffing, too many links, and low-quality content. Use keywords strategically and only when they are relevant. Choose only one or two links that are actually useful. And most importantly, write a high-quality press release that the audience will deem relevant and valuable.

  1. Use multimedia to make the press release more attractive.

The beautiful thing about online press release distribution is that it allows to attach images or videos to the news copy. Press releases are written in short formats because the truth is, anything longer than that can bore people. The human brain processes image a lot faster than it does with text. So if this may, try to use relevant and attractive multimedia to make the press release more attractive. Videos and images are also excellent ways to deliver additional information while not making the news copy longer. Infographics are also a great way to relay additional information in a bite-size format.

  1. Use the last paragraph wisely.

If the headline and first paragraph set the tone for the press release, the last paragraph is important because it wraps up the news copy. Don’t just add redundant and useless information in the last paragraph. Instead, use it to add details or information that will enhance the press release. This could be the perfect place to relay additional information about the news or even to emphasize the significance of the copy for the future.

  1. Deliver a call-to-action (CTC)

One of the most excellent ways to ensure a press release’s success is by including a clear-call-to-action towards the end of a news copy. By adding an enticing call-to-action, this can lead the readers to take action or to follow up on the event or news. But don’t overdo it. Once CTA should be enough for one press release. If launching a new store or a product, it can include a CTA enticing the customers to buy it with a special discount. If starting a new service, write a clear CTA asking them to sign up for a free trial. Take this opportunity for possible lead conversions or even some direct sales.

  1. Contact journalists or key influencers directly.

Now that this have a stellar press release, then should think about how to distribute it. Aside from sending out the news copy to the newswire, this can also approach journalists, bloggers, or key influencers directly. If there’s a particular publication in mind, a quick research can lead to journalists who cover beats on the industry. Start by sending them a personalized email containing the press release. Aside from being proactive, this method can also help create and build relationships with key people who can be of help in the future. Afterall, PR stands for public relations. And it’s always good to know the right people.


Press release distribution continues to be a staple in any company’s marketing strategy. It remains to be one of the best ways to achieve brand awareness and visibility while keeping the customers in the loop. By following the best PR strategies above, this can create a press release distribution campaign that will do wonders for the business and our profit.

Melissa Thompson
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