Three Terrible Reasons to Not Buy Imitation Bags

Purists would argue that discerning shoppers value the quality and integrity of work by brand names such as Hermes, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. However, some of the top reasons for passing over imitation bags are actually terrible reasons not to shop around for the best deal available.

Crazy Reasons to Not Buy Imitation Purses

Here are three of the top reasons cited by pundits who ask women to avoid imitation bags:

  • Quality. When you buy from a high-end manufacturer, you get better quality and guarantees of the workmanship. True, but you’re also paying an average of four to five times more money. Honestly, after a year or two, who wants to cart around the same bag. Well, if someone spends $9,000 for a Hermes Birkin original, they probably won’t be able to afford another one for the next decade or two, whereas, imitation bags are available at a much more reasonable price point for the same quality.
  • Authenticity. When a woman carries an authentic, made-in-Italy Gucci bag, she might stand a little taller. A beautiful purse pulls together a whole outfit. Knowing that something is “real” gives its owner a kind of secret power boost as owning any treasured object does. However, if someone doesn’t have anything to put in the purse, then that could make them walk lighter too. Many imitation designer bags are made with leather and other quality products that look just as great as the originals.
  • People can tell the difference. If anyone is standing close enough to see the labels on a Hermes Birkin replica, they’ll probably notice that imitation purses often carry the same craftsmanship in the labeling, badges and other finishing touches as the top brands do. If shoppers choose wisely, they can have a leather bag with all the bells and whistles of a manufacturer-produced purse. Of course, there’s always the option of buying plastic or other materials, but then the buyer just gets a cheap-looking purse, and it doesn’t matter if it’s real.

Three Tips to Choose Quality Imitation Bags

The key to success in buying imitation purses lies in knowing how to spot quality.

  1. Deceptive advertising. Unfortunately, there are deceptive ads that show a picture that doesn’t correspond to the bag you’re ordering. Check the ordering description carefully and buy from sites that have online reviews. This helps buyers avoid scams.
  2. Material. Always go for a high-quality material that matches the original bag. Leather looks much more authentic than cheaper materials, so be prepared to invest in the best quality replica.
  3. Check the details. Walk away from cheap knockoffs that use plastic or vinyl. The purse will fall apart in a few months since they don’t have quality material inside or out. Also, cheap dyes aren’t color-fast, so these replicas fade quickly.

This Hermes review helps bring home the point of buying imitation versus exorbitant originals. It’s up to individual buyers where to put their money. However, as seen above, quality isn’t necessarily the defining point.

Melissa Thompson
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