The Top Cheapest Website Hosting Providers That Don’t Suck

The Web Host Secret Revealed or WHSR did a research recently to study the cheapest hosting prices in market, and how all of them rank among each other as far as service is concerned. The research was quite thorough and involved a lot of steps including the identification of hosting plans and the service that was being given as an exchange for that money.

After the extensive research WHSR came to a result including the following hosting providers:

In-Motion Hosting

In-motion hosting is a reliable, affordable and feature-rich hosting plan. Their launch plan starts for as little as $3.99 per month and can host two website together. This website plan comes with an SSH access, a free domain, full support in Cron and Ruby, PHP 7 support and free advertising credits for everyone.


Interserver is another one of the amazing hosting provider that charge a minimal fee from their customer base and provide them an amazing service. Inter Server currently specializes in a great deal of activities like VPS, shared, co-location and dedicated hosting solutions.

The basic plan for inter server starts from as little as $4.00 per month. Interestingly, Inter Server allows all users to host unlimited domains within a cost price of as little $5.00 per month. The cost price is fixed and does not increase over the term of the period like some other hosting plans.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a cheap, reliable and fast option for many website providers. The shared hosting plan for A2 Hosting has a lot of variability and diversity to accommodate the needs of all users. The plans they have come in three flavors, including Turbo, Swift and Lite.

Lite, which is the cheapest of all of their plans, allows all users to host 5 databases, 1 website and over 25 email accounts. The process for registration at A2 Hosting is relatively easy, and the exceptional customer support makes it one of the best hosting plans for all interested visitors.

The biggest benefit going in favor of A2 hosting is that they have a presence across 3 continents to be exact. Their data centers are located in all of Amsterdam, Singapore and the United States. This widespread network means that they can service almost the entire world with the same speed and consistency that is associated with them.

The cheapest plan for A2 Hosting costs as less as $3.92 per month! The plan is pre-configured for any/all WordPress plugins and helps people in the process.


Hostinger provides designers with free hosting through and paid hosting services from the brand As of now, Hostinger believes that they are hosting around 29 million users from across 178 countries in the globe.

Hostinger is a notch above the other budget hosting providers, because of its exceptional server hosting feature. Their single web hosting plan gives you room to host one website with a disk space of 10 GB and a bandwidth of 100 GB.

You can read the full list of WHSR’s research by clicking here.

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