How to Start an e-Commerce Business in China According to Recent Study

A report released by iResearch Global on the Chinese market indicated that an average digital buyer in China spent $1,836 (RMB12,198) online in 2017, which is 7% more than what they did in 2016. If this study is anything to go by, then there’s plenty of potential for those who want to make an entry into the e-Commerce business in China.

China is the fastest-growing consumer market in the globe. It’s also the world’s second-leading importer of goods. The country is setting standards for present and future retail worldwide, thanks to their mobile-driven consumer behavior, trusted digital payment systems, innovative social commerce models and new retail innovation (a seamless transition between offline and online experience).

The internet offers a level ground for everyone; what sets one platform apart from others is the quality of products or services on offer and the usability of the platform. A good e-commerce website should not only be interactive but also user-friendly and responsive. It’s therefore essential for those who are just starting out, to work with an e-commerce agency in China, to ensure they’re getting a platform that their clients would love to use.

Here are some tips on how to start an e-commerce business in China

Coming up with the business name

With the product or service in mind, the next thing to do is to choose the business name – it can be in relation to what’s offered or anything else that interests the business owner. Once the name is clear, one should perform a corporate search to ensure that no one else is using the name, before registering it (which can be done online).

Securing the domain name and building website

Often, people use their business name as the domain name; however, in the event that the name is not available, then they can use any other name. A good idea should be to choose a name that relates to what’s being offered.

What follows is the design of the e-commerce platform; the platform should be visually appealing and functional as well. Ideally, an e-commerce site should be developed by an e-commerce agency China, because they have the necessary experience.

Selecting the business structure and registration

There’s a range of options when it comes to business structure.

  • WOFE for foreigners
  • Joint Venture (Chinese-foreigners)
  • Chinese company
  • No registered company in China which means doing some cross-border e-commerce

Other important things to bear in mind include the employer identification number and business permits and licenses.

Working with the right software

Technology helps to make work easier. By integrating software for different functionalities into the e-Commerce platforms, business people get to achieve much more, with fewer struggles. For instance, they can incorporate an accounting, customer relationship management, project management and even email marketing software into their platform to facilitate the execution of these processes.

All these might seem overwhelming at first, and can be difficult especially for someone who is just getting started. Good news is that there are agencies, like QPSOFTWARE that specialize in building high-end e-commerce platforms. They are experts and can work with clients to deliver customized solutions that will drive their businesses forward.

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