Google Rebrands Ad Business For Mobile Development

As consumers move away from desktops and towards tablets and mobile phones, businesses are responding in kind, including Google. The search engine giant announced June 27 that it would rebrand its advertising technologies to update changes in consumer habits.

The product names – DoubleClick and AdWords – refer to an era when consumers relied on desktop computers to consume information. In order to update the company’s ad services, what was formerly known as AdWords, DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 will instead be known as Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads Manager, senior vice president Sridhar Ramaswamy announced in a blog post explaining the changes.

In a press briefing delivered June 26, Ramaswamy said much of the changes would primarily be to update the names to reflect a changing marketplace, rather than changing the actual platforms themselves, according to Search Engine Land.

Up to 85 percent of Google’s revenue comes from its advertising business, making the advertising branch one of those most profitable under the Alphabet umbrella. AdWords brought in more than $95 billion in revenue in 2017, CNBC reported.

Google said it would combine DoubleClick and Google Analytics under one name, the Google Marketing Platform, in response from comments from companies that said they would prefer to combine their solo ads and web analytics services in order to generate a more cohesive understanding of consumer behaviors, according to the site’s blog post.

In addition, Google also announced that it would launch Display and Video 360, which incorporates features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center. The content enables businesses to create entire ad campaigns from one cohesive Google product.

Google will also release an integration center to demonstrate how its features can be used together, and will also include third-party platforms, Dan Taylor, managing director of platforms, said according to Search Engine Land.

Ramaswamy said the company would host live demos of the Display and Video 360 technology at the Google Marketing Live Keynote at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 10.
Google will not discontinue AdSense, which will still be used by smaller websites, nor will it discontinue AdMob, the alternative created to service mobile developers, according to CNBC.

AdWords was first launched 17 years ago as a feature which allowed companies to run text advertisements beside search results on Today, the program has been expanded to include advertisements throughout the Google network, including on GMail and YouTube, according to Search Engine Land.

The ad network DoubleClick was acquired in 2007, according to CNBC.