Reasons for Tweaking Your Marketing Campaign Plan Without Scrapping It

Even if you already spent a lot of time working on a marketing campaign, it’s still possible for you to not feel satisfied with the results. As such, you need to consider tweaking it until you’re happy with how it turns out. Don’t worry about the idea of continually changing since it’s a part of the process. You’re not working on a marketing campaign to boost yourself, but to help the company become popular.

After presenting your marketing campaign plan, you might not receive the expected reactions from your team. Instead of congratulating you for an excellent plan, they point out all the flaws. Therefore, you need to be open to the idea of changing until you come up with the desired results.

The plan has flaws

You might not notice these flaws, but the people in your team might. If they tell you what could go wrong with the plan in various stages of the implementation, you need to consider their feedback and change parts of the plan. When you worked on your campaign, you focused on the details, but you forgot to see the overall picture, and it led to these flaws.

The company already tried the plan before

You might be new to the company, and you thought that you had a brilliant strategy that could work. The truth is that the other employees were around when a similar plan failed. They can explain to you what took place and how your plan could lead to such results.

Other companies tried the same plan

It’s wise to learn from mistakes made before, but it’s wiser to learn from what other people did wrong and try to change things. The good thing about a marketing team is that you have people who don’t only look at their tasks but compare them with what the others are doing. Therefore, they know if the plan that you’re trying to present will work based on their analysis of what other companies tried before. Allow them to point out the similarities and consider the suggested changes.

There might be a cheaper way around it

When you present your plan to executives, they aren’t only after the results, but they also want to ensure that the company doesn’t end up spending a lot. Advertising campaigns are a gamble. They could end well, but they could also fail. As such, you need to limit the possible expenses so that if things don’t go as planned, it won’t be too painful. The team will point out how you can have the same results without spending so much.

For instance, if you intend to use pull up banners for advertising, you might have to partner with a different printing company so that you can get the same results, but at a cheaper cost.

Don’t feel bad because of the suggested changes. Instead, be grateful that you learned about them while you still have enough time to change things.

Melissa Thompson
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