Gauging Success for a Digital Marketing Campaign

A company has done their research on how to create and launch a digital marketing campaign for the business. That’s great news, but they’ve got to know how to determine how effective their campaign is. Otherwise, a company could be leaving plenty of great opportunities and chances to make a sale on the table.

Here are a few metrics that a company can use to see if they should tweak their campaign or continue full steam ahead.

Set Goals for Every Digital Marketing Campaign

The company’s goal has to be grander than just “attract potential customers” or “make a sale.” For instance, do they want to improve their sales by a specific percentage? Do they want to reach a specific audience? Or maybe there’s a personal deadline they’re aiming to meet. When the company has a goal, they have a better idea of when their campaign has truly succeeded. Another reason to develop a goal for their marketing campaign is that that goal can shape the campaign.

digital marketing campaign and color wheel. Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
digital marketing campaign and colors wheel. Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Develop a Time Frame

Nothing creates a sense of urgency like a deadline. In terms of a marketing campaign, give staff a realistic time frame for when management would like to see real results. When the time frame is loose rather than tight, staff may not be as rigid when it comes to doing everything possible to see to it that their marketing efforts succeed. Time frames also go a long way when it’s time to compare sales on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Pay Attention to Overall Website Traffic

Another way to determine whether the campaign and input from marketing companies like SEO Calgary are working is to dial into how much website traffic they’re getting. Not only is website traffic a good indicator of whether the efforts are working, but when they’re working. What this means is that if a post is shared on social media or just released a specific piece of marketing material and the site traffic increases, that means something is being done that people are responding to. Whatever it is that elicits such a response, keep it up.

Find Out Where Traffic Is Coming From

On a related note, pay attention to the source of the company’s website traffic. For instance, are site visitors reaching the site through organic online searches, through a social media platform, or could it have been a referral? This insight allows a business to know where to focus their efforts and where they may want to scale back a bit, or at least change tactics to something that is more effective for that specific channel.

New Visitors and Returning Visitors

Putting Calgary SEO to good use to attract the attention of new visitors can be extremely fruitful, or is the business more focused on keeping their current visitors coming back again and again? Differentiating new visitors from returning visitors lets a company know how relevant their content and marketing materials are over the long run.

If a company just wants visitors, no matter whether they’re new or returning, there are a few things they can do. One of the best is to publish valuable content on their site that’s easy to organically stumble across through the use of search engines. Because practically everyone is on social media these days, it’s also great to use social media profiles to get the word out about new blog posts, videos, and the like that are created.

Popular Pages

As a marketer analyzes site analytics, focus on which of the site’s pages that get the most traffic. Once that data is known, they need to try to determine why those pages are so popular in the first place. Is it the content or the images? Or maybe it’s a video when most of the site is composed of static images and text. Analytics also tell the marketer how long site visitors linger on specific pages, so be sure to keep that in mind as well.

Digital Marketing Campaign efforts could be going better than most companies may think. Put the above insights to use to determine one way or the other.

Digital marketing. Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
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