How Technology Is Changing Small Business Marketing

In the past, most small businesses utilized print ads, TV ads, and word of mouth as their marketing tools. But as we all know, marketing has changed a lot over the last few decades and the push to go online is huge! Each year, new technology comes out that changes how we run our marketing campaigns. Today, we are going to learn some new technologies that are changing how small businesses are spending their marketing dollars.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time. But with the advancement in technologies, AI is now being used in the marketing world to improve return on investment. Gurbaksh Chahal a leader in the marketing industry has developed a unique cloud-based marketing company that uses artificial intelligence to improve ROI and reach deeper into target audiences. His company Gravity4 now helps small and big companies use AI to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that has the potential to reach millions. Gurbaksh Chahal is a successful entrepreneur. He has developed many different companies that have changed the world for the better. He is also an accomplished author and has used his success to give back to his community.

Social Media

Most of us use social media to stay in touch with family and friends. But small businesses are using these platforms to keep in touch with customers. When it comes to marketing, social media is a level playing field. Huge companies and small mom and pop businesses alike all have an equal chance to market their goods and services on social media. This is a huge change from the old days where only large companies had access to TV and radio ads. But now, small companies with limited advertising budgets can reach millions of people on social media and stay connected with them. This connection between business and customer is very important and is vital for future sales as well as customer service. This gives small businesses a chance to learn more about their customer base and meet with them on a more personal level. For more information on how social media has changed the world of marketing, please check out this link.

Constant Contact

As we have learned above, social media has changed the world of marketing. Being able to connect to potential customers around the clock gives marketers more chances to make a sale. The internet has increased the volume of our contacts. Customers that used to be separated by distance and time are now just one mouse click away. Instead of sending out marketing materials in the mail, now companies can send an email that will arrive in a customer’s inbox within seconds. This powerful tool has changed the way we market forever. Now with advancements in technology, email marketing has become automated and hands-free. Email marketing has been around for quite some time but with the advancement in automation technology, now marketers can create massive campaigns that can reach and respond to millions of potential customers.

These are just a few ways that technology has changed how we market. Surely, in the future, there will be even more changes that will greatly benefit how companies approach customers. If you run a small business, these advancements in technology will help you compete with larger companies even if they have millions of dollars to spend in marketing. With all the new technology available these days, there will be a learning curve that you will have to overcome before you can succeed. But by doing your homework, your company can greatly benefit from these new technologies.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.