Frederick J. Goodall Among Top Social Media Influencers

Frederick J. Goodall, publisher/editor-in-chief of a blog, Mocha Dad, and fatherhood advocate, has been designated twelfth of “Houston’s Top 100 Social Media Influencers” by Eric T. Tung, “The Social Media Guy,” who dedicated much time and research to compile the top 100.

In order for Mr. Tung to find the most influential social media people, he had to gauge the activity and influence of the candidates and their followers, both to measure the effectiveness of the content shared by the influencer as well as to determine how active their followers were. If you have many people in your network, and those people have a lot of people in their networks, you’re more likely to be influential.

Mr. Goodall, a writer, speaker, and, most importantly, a father, started the popular fatherhood blog, Mocha Dad, in 2008 to chronicle his life as a father and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding black fatherhood. Now he uses the blog not only to capture his personal parenting experiences, but also to help motivate other men to be more actively engaged and involved with their children, families, and communities.

In addition to his regular blog postings, Mr. Goodall works with companies that want to share their story with parents. He’s worked on promotions and marketing campaigns with dozens of major brands, including Disney, Chevy, Sony, HP, Adobe, Sears, Samsung, Walmart, AT&T, Kellogg’s, eBay, Pepperidge Farm, Together Counts, American Living, Coca-Cola, Twizzlers, GoGo, squeeZ, Dove, Clorox, Gillette, Braun, Epson, and General Mills Box Tops for education.

Frederick J. Goodall is represented by Eclectic Media Productions National PR firm.


Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.