9 Social Media Hacks to Make Your Business Grow Faster

Social media is a wonderful tool for businesses in the market for growth, as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Business owners should take note of these simple, but highly effective methods of business growth through social media.

Social Media Hacks For Positive Growth

These nine social media hacks are known to work at relevant growth stages.

  1. Form Lead Magnets

Getting your social media followers from your social pages to your website should be a critical goal for business growth. It’s there that they’ll find extra value and purchase your products and services.

Generating a lead magnet and sharing it on social media will do the trick. Lead magnets come in many forms, from webinars to ebooks, free or paid. They’ll help you increase your email list, give your community something to talk about, and increase conversions.

Just make sure that your lead magnet is something that will truly set you apart from your competitors. It should be highly valuable to your audience, making them WANT to click it.

  1. Work on Your Social Profiles

Search engine optimization is still one of the most important digital efforts you can make for business growth, and your social profile is a huge part of that. As individuals search for products and services that your business offers, search engine bots are crawling social profiles as well as other content on the web to find matches for search queries. An optimized profile can get you more organic traffic from those ready to buy.

Use keywords in your page name, bio, meta data, and photo tags. You might also include subcategories where possible, connecting your profile to subjects that your target audience might search for.

  1. Track Analytics

“The single most important thing you can do for your business growth through social media is tracking the analytics associated with your account” says Deep Patel, founder of Owlmetrics. “This goes beyond the insights provided by your social platform of choice, as they only offer basic insights.” Downloading an analytics app or tool can give you more data that will optimize your performance further.

  1. Use Influencers and Advocates

Anyone can advocate for your brand, bringing you word-of-mouth marketing. You might ask a fan to share their content in exchange for a prize or even a paycheck. Most importantly, you’ll want to use professional influencers.

These individuals have developed highly successful brands with numerous followers and, for a fee, will endorse your services in front of your chosen audience. This provides you invaluable connections with those among your target audience, making you more likely to receive conversions from your marketing efforts.

  1. Retarget Customers

When trying to increase conversions and sales, you know that the people most likely to buy are those who have already purchased from you. Therefore, a social retargeting strategy can be infinitely more valuable to increasing your conversions.

Use Google and Facebook retargeting services to identify those who have purchased before, and send them ads relating to past purchases or searches. This puts your ads in front of just those who are most likely to purchase again so you aren’t wasting your marketing dollars.

  1. Show Social Proof

About a third of people search for reviews and products on social media before purchasing a product. About 84 percent of them look for a personal recommendation when making a purchasing decision.

Provide this social proof for them, so they don’t have to search for it. Provide testimonials on your social pages, give away freebies so that followers can test your products, or offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee to let consumers know they can trust your company and product.

  1. Live-Stream Events and Conferences

Live video has made a huge mark in the social realm. If you haven’t been taking advantage of this real, unfiltered content, you should make an effort to do so. It provides your customers a personal, up-close look into what your business does best.

To generate more consumer interest, take live videos when you host a conference or event. Creating this content while your event is going on will help you connect with more people in your industry, generate more excitement from your audience, and create greater authority in your niche. Together, these strategies contribute to a considerably stronger brand and resulting sales.

  1. Personalize Your Content

The whole purpose of social media is to make personal connections between individuals, and if businesses want to succeed as well, they should focus on that personalization. Luckily, social media makes it easy for you.

You can use tools to recognize your most engaged followers, and then mention them in your posts. You can also monitor keywords or hashtags associated with your brand to acknowledge brands and individuals who can benefit from your content.

Then, you can compare the content they’re searching with the content you’re offering and personalize it so that it better matches their interests. This is one of the simplest and most impactful methods of creating long-lasting values for your consumers.

  1. Utilize Calls to Action

Calls to action are still incredibly important for generating action, particularly on social media where the average consumer spends as much as two hours per day perusing the latest in their newsfeeds and Stories. You can direct customers to your website, to join your mailing list, to sign up for a course, or perform other growth actions.

Calls to action are useful and should be used regularly, but don’t include them in every post. Some posts should serve to inform, entertain, or build your brand without being promotional. This helps you make and maintain connections that will lead them to make actions later.

The call to action is often one of the most compelling social media hacks, but it is also one of the hardest to do. That’s because people must overcome their inertia to do nothing, to make it happen.

All nine of these social media hacks work, and they are how the professionals get big followings, so try it now.

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