5 Reasons to Invest More in Social Media Management

With most mobile social media contact coming from Twitter users, it’s perfect for customer support. Facebook, however, isn’t so easy to reach new customers with, unless you’re paying to advertise. Then Pinterest and Snapchat each have a corner on female users, with Pinterest catering to older women and Snapchat catering to Millenials and younger.

With all of this put together, it’s unlikely that you and your business is only using a single social media platform. It’s likely you’re using at least two, maybe seven or more. With proper social media management, it’s possible to take on at least that many and do things just as well as if you were only managing two without these platforms.

Increase the Consistency of Your Social Media Message

Having high-quality and repeatable interactions built on solid, shared values with your customers is one of the best ways to build trust and brand loyalty. That’s not something you can do if you’re saying two different things, or worse, something different on every single platform. Create one message and use content guidelines to increase consistency.

Save Time and Never Forget to Post

By scheduling your posts in advance, you can post more content and plan how and when to post without worrying about overcrowding your schedule on a given day. Creating a schedule and automating your necessary posts will save you time.

Increase Your Social Media and Customer Support Efficiency

Customers don’t want to wait. Clients don’t want to have to, either. No matter if they’re looking for an answer to a question about a product they’ve purchased or wish to buy tickets to your next event, the sooner you answer, the better.

Manage More Platforms at Once

Say you’re at a Las Vegas trade show and you want to remind everyone that might be nearby that your company is holding a special event at a particular place and time nearby. However, your business has profiles on every major social media platform, and you want to make sure to send out an email and an SMS.

With social media management, you can send out a message from a single interface that is adapted to any format in just a few clicks. That could save you at least 30 minutes if not more time, especially if you have a small business. Further, you could have also scheduled this event in advance, and all of your social media posts could go out automatically, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Quickly Respond to Comments on Any Platform

Many management tools allow you to respond to any comment or questions through one single interface. No logging in and then logging out only to do the same on seven other platforms and then repeat, checking for new content.

This allows you to engage with every customer, client, or fan and pay an equal amount of attention to each of them. You could be chatting on Facebook with a new client and providing technical support via Twitter at the same time, no logging in and out between or having one browser tab or window pushed to the back and forgotten.

Melissa Thompson
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