3 Effective Ways for Music Artists to Promote Themselves

When it comes to being a successful music artist, having talent is just the first step. In order to make it in the competitive music industry, artists not only need talent, but they must also have determination, ambition, and plenty of confidence. One more driving force behind the success of all performers, is effective marketing. In order to achieve this, music artists whose dream it is to become known across the globe need to know how to promote themselves.

1. Make the Most Of Social Media

Social media is a dream come true for artists of all kinds who want to become successful. Every day it seems that stars are born over YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope. Some of the most famous recording artists who got their start on YouTube include Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepse, Ed Sheeran, and Pentatonix. If music artists aren’t utilizing social media as a way to promote themselves, they are totally missing the boat.

One of the things that makes social media so great for music artists is that it’s an easy way to share their talent with the entire world. All that it takes is making a great video, accumulating followers, and getting fans to share with their friends.

2. Enter Talent Contests and Singing Competitions

Some of the most popular singing competitions and talent contests in the world can be seen on television. Shows like American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and X Factor have all caused music artists to dream about getting on one of these shows, not only to gain exposure, but to finally make it big.

Even though nationally-known singing competitions like these have produced some of the biggest names in music (including Carrie Underwood and Jackie Evancho), there is nothing wrong for artists to compete on a smaller scale at local talent contests and singing competitions. Doing so helps to create a loyal fan base and gain some much-needed exposure.

3. Perform Live Gigs

All music artists need to know what it’s like to perform live, and doing gigs is a great way to gain experience, boost confidence, and acquire fans. Some of the best venues for music artists to perform include nightclubs, coffeehouses, parks, other people’s homes, private events, and music festivals.

Local venues are the best places to start and then from there, gigs will start leading to more gigs. When performing live, artists should always remember to live stream the event so that people around the world can also enjoy the show.

Melissa Thompson
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