Will the Haleigh Cummings’ Homicide Case be Solved this Week?


Since it was first reported that 5 year old Haleigh Cummings vanished from her Satsuma trailer home on February 10, 2009, I have been following this case. I have tried to write about this case before but nothing ever makes any sense to me. As I got to know the Croslins and the Cummings (by way of the media) things only got stranger and stranger. The media ate up this sickness as if the Barnum and Bailey Circus had moseyed into town.

I sensed that Ronald Cummings didn’t really believe that a complete stranger had abducted his lovely little girl. “I just got home from work and my 5-year-old daughter is gone,” he told a dispatcher. “If I find whoever has my daughter before you all do, I’m killing them. I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life in prison.” (ABC News-Police Say 5-Year-Old Haleigh Cummings is Dead, Identify Persons of Interest in Case by Emily Friedman-April 16, 2010)

Right from the get go law enforcement in the small town of Satsuma, Florida seemed suspicious that this abduction was an internal matter, a family affair. PCSO Maj. Gary Bowling said on February 11, 2009, “All the world’s a suspect. We’re going to treat everybody, every family member, every associate, every neighbor as a suspect until we can eliminate them.” Finally they’re honing in on the culprits.


Flora Hollars is the grandmother to Misty Croslin, Hank “Tommy” Croslin Jr. and Joe Overstreet. Grandma Flo is not withholding anything. Misty told Flo, allegedly, that someone “tied a brick block to the rope and dropped her (Haleigh) into the St. Johns River.” Tommy confirmed to Flora that his cousin, Joe Overstreet, killed Haleigh. Flora said, “Joe is the one who did it.” Flo and Joe live in Nashville, Tennessee.

It has been reported that Flora Hollars is the source for the tip that led authorities to a specific area of the St. Johns River, a boat ramp at Shell Harbour Road. This area is only five miles from the trailer home where Haleigh disappeared from. This is incorrect. The tip actually came from Tommy Croslin, who took a lie detector test on April 8th.


This new account has Joe visiting the trailer to pick up a machine gun that he thought Ron owed him. Was this over a drug deal? According to this latest tall tale, when Joe couldn’t find the gun, he put a knife to Misty’s throat, then abducted innocent little Haleigh; you know the ending. Was this part of Misty’s dream of five mysterious figures looming over her bed on the night in question? Shawn Sirgo, Joe Overstreet’s attorney, said his client is “broken over this,” “doesn’t know where to turn” and “knows he is being used by people whose story keeps changing.” (CNN)


Since it seems as if the case is coming to an end (that may be a mere appearance), I returned to the beginning of events yesterday. I then struggled through the confusion of the timeline, which comes to 14 months, attempting to tie things together. Befuddlement came over me! Feb. 9, 2009-April 18, 2010-what I see is a string of disjointed subtopics; all I see is a rambling sequence of events with no apparent meaning.

If this post seems random or disjointed, that’s because it is. The facts in this case, as they’ve been piped through our media, have heretofore made no sense at all. It’s like a string of beads, but without any string. Events appear random, inconsequential? Oddly enough, once law enforcement solves the case, everything will suddenly make sense. The beads will have a string. Two examples from this timeline will prove my case of IRRATIONALITY: 1. the marriage and divorce of Ron and Misty and 2. the sensational drug bust of last January!


Ron asked Misty to marry him at a Chili’s in March of 2009, around a month after Haleigh disappeared. Did Ron not suspect that Misty may have been involved somehow in his daughter’s disappearance? I suspect that he did, but was perhaps in denial. In October of 2009, just 7 months later, the odd couple decided to call it quits. The reason cited is the constant pressure from the media. Were these two ever in love? Maybe.


How could these people be so stupid as to engage in trafficking prescription drugs, such as Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, after the media and police were watching them constantly like hawks? It cannot be understood. It’s irrational. But drug dealing of prescription pills must be most lucrative! Ron, Misty and Tommy were snarled in a sting operation last January by undercover officers. The previous October, Misty had been robbed of her purse when going to purchase drugs. Unbelievable!



At first I wasn’t so interested in the Croslin/Cummings case. That changed after the drug bust and after the developments last week. I was shocked by Flora Hollars new revelations, especially with regard to cousin Joe. But Folk in the media, such as Nancy Grace have thrived, almost exclusively, on any trivial details brushing on Ron or Misty, and now on Tommy. This is hard to explain, but I’ll give it a try.

It must spike the ratings! Yes, it’s just that simple. Nancy Grace showcases it almost every night. She would drop it if it were a dud. I loved the tour video of the Cummings’ trailer, because you could do a reenactment of the crime. Yet I seek wider, sociological causes for the staying power of Misty and Ron. I’ve read many comments of people on press coverage of the case.

The Croslins and the Cummings are portrayed as poor white trailer trash, and are thought of as if they are the Hatfields and the McCoys. People love to see stupid, feuding white people, screwing up royally. It’s that simple. Everyone loves to watch the drug sting videos and see the swagger of teeny Misty. She is an unlikely narco-trafficker; she looks like she’s no more than 15 years old. Doesn’t look like a big drug pusher, but this is just what pushes the ratings through the roof!


As we wait for the case to break, as we watch divers plunge the depths of the St. Johns River, we grow tenser and tenser. Do you recall how you felt on the 4th of July, when you were very young, and a bully neighbor lights a Black Cat firecracker at your feet? You see the lit fuse, your pulse surges, and you anticipate the explosion about to occur. Will your foot blow off into the air? Probably.

A. That’s how tense we are. Will we find out this week? I doubt it. Theory one has a drowsy Misty, coming off a three day binge of drugs and sex, slipping Haleigh a pill of Oxycontin to quiet the child so that she can sleep. Haleigh ODs on the pill. When Tommy comes over, they decide to dispose of the body, throw it in the river and make it look like a predator killed her. As far-fetched as this is, this theory could be the one.

B. Theory two has the cousin Joe doing it. Joe looks over the trailer for the machine gun, holds a knife to Misty’s throat, then abducts Haleigh; flees to his favorite fishing spot, the Shell Harbour Road ramp on the St. Johns. (Overt your eyes here) Flora says a yellow rope was used, then cinder blocks were attached to the rope and crazy Joe threw the child overboard. Flora says that Joe had guns and knives. She also says that when Joe returned to Nashville he was sullen or ashen, as if he had been traumatized by some foul event. The only way that I can make this theory work, is if Joe was on amphetamines. This is highly possible though. These kids were doing many drugs at this time. And Joe suspiciously left Florida right after Haleigh vanished. Family members are afraid of him too. This may be the one.


By now everyone has seen a shackled Misty Croslin on the boat ramp, taken out of jail, to talk to authorities at the supposed scene of the crime. The exclusive film footage was shot from a helicopter by WKMG-Channel 6. Before Misty wasn’t talking, but now she is. Why? In the movie Mystic River, Dave Boyle gives a false confession to Jimmy Markum about killing Jimmy’s daughter. Jimmy then stabs him in the stomach, shoots him, then tosses his body in the Mystic River. We stand as ONE on the Shell Harbour Road boat dock.