Who is the sadistic killer of Paula Sladewski?

I lost some sleep last night thinking about who might be the sadistic killer of Paula Sladewski (sla-DEW-ski). Not much news has come out concerning the case. And when you put together what we know so far, two and two do not add up to four.

Lt Neal Cuevas from the North Miami Police was interviewed on Jane Velez-Mitchell last night, and he indicated that new information will come forth soon.

A composite sketch of a ‘black male’ will probably be released soon. Supposedly, this man was seen holding hands with Paula right after she left Club Space, at 7:21 AM on Jan. 3. Cuevas has clarified also that this man was not in Club Space before.

Previously, Cuevas has said they did not have enough detail- ascertained from the eye- witness-to create such a sketch. Now he is saying they have a new witness who can provide them the description of the ‘black male’ for the sketch.

This is confusing, but maybe the witness was reticent in coming forth. Last night Cuevas also said there are two vehicles that detectives are looking at that are of interest. I believe they were found abandoned close to Club Space, in downtown Miami. One speculates that perhaps the vehicle was used in some fashion for the crime.

We are also awaiting a state crime lab report to be issued which will identify the substance used in the burning of Paula’s body in the dumpster. The isolated dumpster was found burning at 9 PM on Jan. 3rd, about 10 miles north of the club.

The body was so badly burned that the medical examiner cannot even determine the exact cause of death. 14 hours went by from the time Sladewski was last seen to the time the burning dumpster was discovered. Paula had to be at a different location during those 14 hours, even if she was dead or alive.

This would point to the killer having some kind of apartment or domicile that he could go to for this nefarious purpose. Logic says the perpetrator must live around there close. The perpetrator would need a vehicle to pull this off also. This is implied because the perpetrator had to hide from the street what he did. This is how the Hillside Stranglers operated.

This cannot be proved yet, but it has been pointed out that the dumpster locale is an isolated one. The killer must have been familiar with it, and may have selected this spot for the very reason of its remoteness. Having to transport the body from the ‘apartment’ to the dumpster and remain unnoticed is a difficult task. Therefore, I postulate that the killer lives right in that neighborhood.

Puzzling indeed! Much speculation is required since the pool of evidence is so scarce, and contradictory in so many ways. For example, there is the surveillance video which seems to show a bouncer trailing behind Paula as she exits the club. Paula’s brother and sister, who know her well, do not believe she walked off with this mysterious stranger, who is deemed an unidentified ‘black male.’

This does not make sense to me either? Kelly Farris, Paula’s sister, was interviewed on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show Issues last night, and she still believes that Paula met someone in the club, after Kevin Klym was kicked out by bouncers, who may have stalked her after she left the premises. Thomas Bussell, Paula’s brother, believes this is true also.

The surveillance tape inside Club Space must be looked at closer. Kelly Farris believes the crime’s origins lie inside the club. It has been pointed out that Club Space is located in an isolated industrial address, where nobody is around. I agree with Kelly; the killer must have observed Paula in the club. The plan was set in motion right there inside the club.

The situation with the boyfriend, Kevin Klym, is more of a diversion. I do not believe he had anything to do with it. Interesting sidebar though. Several fights, such as the breaking of Paula’s nose and the assault by Sladewski herself, breaking a bottle over Klym’s head, just lead you down a dead-end road. Nothing to do with it.

Another diversion is the emails from Paula’s ex-boyfriend, David Coleman. Sensational things like Klym is “trying to kill” her. It’s no wonder that Klym was immediately earmarked as a person of interest. And let’s not forget that the volatile couple got in a row on the very night of this tragedy! Just a dead-end road though.

David Coleman too has a record that adds yet another dark note to our story. And then to add more fuel to the fire, Paula was a former Playboy model, and had appeared in the video: “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search.” I do not think of this as so important, but it does add an intriguing edge to this already shocking murder. Somehow, especially in our culture, sex and violence are linked and confused.

Are sex and violence one and the same, or are they different entities? The answer should be obvious, they are completely different, and have nothing in common. But somehow, and I don’t know what the historical reason is, they have been confused in our world of Americana. I do know that we have a violent history and that sex has always been worshipped. The dots connect somewhere?

Fox News has just reported that a crew from America’s Most Wanted was in Miami filming on Monday. It will be interesting to see that segment. Last night I did some research myself about Club Space and their whole trip, for what it’s worth. I found it a little troubling, but am not entirely clear what the appeal of the club actually is?

After reading about Club Space I found it more conceivable that some ‘marginal characters’ could easily be lingering in there, probably loaded on drugs and alcohol, in the wee hours of the morn, Jan. 3, 2010.

I believe that whoever did this was a repeat offender. This offender knew just what they were doing, and carried this crime out undetected. They then covered it up ever so cleverly so that even the cause of death remains unknown. This is speculation, of course, but this offender is probably a serial killer!

Yea, I lost some sleep last night thinking about this case. It just does not add up. The first question that needs answering, is it internal or external? Was the killer in the club and stalking Paula or did he just mysteriously encounter her after she exited Club Space? I don’t think so.

Detectives will need to thoroughly interview all the guests that they can identify, that were in the club that night. I suspect someone was lying on the first interview or covering up someone. However, I don’t believe they can require a lie detector test. Watch the video again; don’t you see the man who trails close behind Paula as she leaves the club? I do.

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