The Kyron Horman Investigation Has Hit A Dead End! a Wash Out!

Desiree Young
Desiree looked disheveled, unraveled yesterday at the ‘press conference.’ Did the authorities tell her shut up in hurling her countless accusations at Terri? I certainly think so.

Okay, I’ll say it, everyone knows already anyway. The investigation into what happened to Kyron Horman is stalled. It’s at a DEAD END! They wouldn’t double the reward unless they did not have any pertinent leads that were panning out. I’ve heard the Sheriff’s Office has received 3,300 leads and there are lots of photos and video as well. All these leads don’t amount to anything more than tales to tell around a picturesque campfire many moons from now.

Once again, with this ‘press conference’ we’re left with an empty *(yet creative) attempt at reading body language and facial expressions. Kaine maintained his usual Wooden Indian pose. But Desiree looked very different this time around. Her demeanor had changed. Desiree is usually the spitting image of composure, objectivity and righteousness. Yesterday however, she was scattered, disheveled, undone, defeated, and looked like she’d been crying her eyes out.

My theory on this change in Desiree is that the authorities told her cool it, to curtail the hurling of ruthless invective towards Terri. Possible reasons for this? There’s nothing behind her accusations. No real evidence. Also, the police know that the public is on to their tactic of using the biological parents as their public mouthpiece.

Their telling her to shut up is saying the movements in the investigation are ‘barking up the wrong tree.’ I see this as a sign that the investigators are moving away from Terri as the primary suspect in Kyron’s disappearance, going back to the drawing board, and returning to the original premise that a random child predator in the area may be guilty of this heinous act.

The Sheriff’s Office keeps saying this is a ‘criminal investigation,’ but they never expand, they never elaborate on what they mean by this. How so, is it a ‘criminal investigation?’ We know that Kyron is gone, but where did he go? And what exactly has Terri done in regard to Kyron that can be interpreted as criminal? Nothing particularly. So Desiree was probably told to hush up before a slander lawsuit is slapped on her.

Having the gift of imagination in this case is a virtue. The Oregonian posted a piece yesterday about how Terri’s emails to Desiree on June 4th were briefer on that day (than normally). Apparently, they are usually more elaborate and rambling. This is odd unto itself, I didn’t think that Terri and Desiree were good enough friends to exchange elaborate emails. But the change in the style of emails on that crucial day is an empty wishing well of evidence.

WE ARE NOWHERE! Glad you could come by to visit me. It’s lonely in here. Maybe I’ll hold a press conference and say we’re making significant progress in discovering how Terri’s emails show behavioral deception. Does anyone out there have an old psychology textbook I could borrow? Brief emails = abduction and possibly murder. I’d like to see a prosecutor argue that in court. But what about the Grand Jury convening? And what does DeDe Spicher know? She’ll likely get transactional immunity, according to the law in Oregon, for information she gives to the Grand Jury. I think she knows something, but I don’t think she knows the details of the plot, however.

Terri Horman
Where did Terri get $350,000 to retain an attorney? Did she sell her story for movie rights or perhaps a major book on the Kyron Horman case? Terri is starting to look like a movie star as the paparazzi ruthlessly trail her, day and night. This is a chapter out of Hollywood Babylon!

The ending will likely be sad. A happy ending is preferred, but doesn’t synch with what we already know. All we see now are troubling, broken relations, authorities fumbling the ball, and a crowd mentality forged right out of a Gary Cooper cowboy film, The Ox Bow Incident is projected. “Hang ’em high from the nearer tree!” This could be the latest comment on a blog, on Facebook, or on your local Oregonian newspaper.

Pull back my friend, take a walk in the park, and let’s revisit out neighborhood. Family values are right around the corner. Civil rights and basic decency are just over the bend. Justice will be served, but it’s reserved for another day. A community is shattered, if not a nation. A new day dawns, redemption will come, but reconstruction, healing, must commence first off.