Teen Assaulted, Held Hostage, and Forced to Strip

ELK GROVE – A student who was humiliated, assaulted, held hostage – and then forced to strip to his underwear – is expected to be expelled by the Elk Grove School Board Tuesday, in what a civil rights group investigating the incident charges is the latest in a series of illegal decisions against people of color by the board.

The family is alerting the news media only as a last resort.

According to the Justice Reform Coalition (JRC), the actions against a teen here – who is black – are just the latest in a five-year battle with the Elk Grove School District by one family in a district that has been accused of illegal handling of youth of color in Elk Grove.

The JRC probe found that the young man’s mother attempted to file a complaint against the two officials involved in abusing the youth, she was denied that right and School District officials proceeded to file criminal assault charges against the young man, and moved to expel him quickly in a series of illegal decisions in violation of State and Federal School codes.

“This smacks of all the things many families of color say about the Elk Grove School District, and the Elk Grove Police Dept…that they are mishandling youth and cases involving people of color,” said the Rev. Ashiya Odeye, executive director of JRC.

Rev. Odeye said the district has a history of harassment, rights violations and retaliation orchestrated b the Elk Grove School Board President, who also happens to be a Deputy District Attorney.

Rev. Odeye said JRC is following the case very closely, and will make further comment upon request.