Starpower Management to Supply Evidence for Michael Jackson Murder Trial

Film producer and talent manager Bruce Edwin, who was manager of the guitarist of Michael Jackson – David Williams, reportedly announces to press today that he will supplying the courts with information next week concerning Dr. Conrad Murray that should assist in proving his guilt in being complicit in the death of Michael Jackson, the world’s biggest star at the time.

Producer Bruce Edwin reveals, “Michael Jackson was the biggest singer and performer of our time, and it is a fact that he had a number of drug pushers around him that wanted him vulnerable and hooked, that attempted to block communication with him from his family and those others that tried to save him, in order to live off his money and get more money.”

Bruce Edwin states, “I did not come forward before because first I lost David, and then we lost Michael. It was too painful to talk about. But I will not stand by and let so called doctors who are more concerned with profit than life get away with another murder.” He adds, “The pharmaceutical industry is preying on artists, and these unethical doctors are their hit men.” Bruce Edwin continues, “We are going to fight for artists and keep on fighting until we do not read about another victim including Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, River Phoenix, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and countless more.”

For more information on this story, or to contact Bruce Edwin, contact publicity department at 310-226-7176.