Report of Louisiana’s Ranking as 2nd Worst Legal Climate in USA

As a Pro Se litigant who has incurred irreparable harms from injustice, CONGRATULATIONS to lawyers, United States attorneys, and judges who are team members of Louisiana Legal Corruption! Although you missed 2008 first place only by one position, your long-term unprincipled actions have earned you national recognition! But take heart, at the rate you’re going, and considering 2 recent news reports, you will probably make first place next time!

On April 23, 2008, the Times Picayune (TP) reported that Judge Fendlason’s bailiff listened in on Attorney Edward LeBlanc’s “whispered” conversation. Then that bailiff went and told Judge (lord) Fendlason, who called LeBlanc for question. It seems in Fendlason’s court one is not entitled to think thoughts disagreeable to Fendlason’s sensibilities. Not only did Fendlason demand to know what LeBlanc whispered in private conversation, Fendlason ordered LeBlanc to jail because of the private utterings. This begs the question: How can an attorney’s personal conversation be lawful reason to become jailed?!

On April 22, 2008, the TP reported that defendant Jamie Perdigao filed a Motion to recuse U.S. Attorney Jim Letten. The recusal motion contains lots of eye-popping assertions! Letten’s office responded to that motion with customary obfuscation. He appeared to scowl at it, and exhibiting his adept deviation skills said: “We’re no strangers to these types of claims.” When Letten is tooting his own horn about his selective prosecutions he has a lot to say, but he seeks to suppress unfavorable information about him. Good thing Letten’s request to seal Perdigao’s motion was denied!

I believe Letten conducts illegal wiretaps, and conceals it by lying and saying people snitched on each other. And I believe Letten is trying to get next to the New Orleans Inspector General so Letten can “cook” that Intelligence and use it as leverage over people -perhaps like leverage is being used on Johns listed in the New Orleans Canal Street Brothel book, of which that raid was conducted while the world was stunned by the September 11 terrorist attacks. Also, information surrounding Edwin Edwards’ conviction indicates Letten broke laws to get Edwards. Further, in a Texas Court Opinion, starting from pages 29 through 41, are disturbing details about Letten’s deceitful, illicit actions.

With his “Operation Wrinkled Robe” and “Bail Bonds Unlimited” prosecutions which sent sheriffs, 2 judges, and others to jail, Letten practically fooled everybody. Yet, a comparison of Letten’s overlooking other people gives him away. For me, Letten’s deception was crystal clear when he broke laws to shield Judge A. J. McNamara; and I compared his actions concerning Senator Vitter, Judge Porteous, and various corporations which may have netted billions of dollars from White Collar activity. For all such reasons, Letten’s involvement with Louisiana’s legal climate cannot help but foster a BANANA REPUBLIC.

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