Recent Baby Product Recalls: What You Should Look Out For

When we purchase toys, clothing or other products for our children, we don’t typically expect them to be dangerous. However, baby products can be far less baby proof than one might think, with an average of more than 100 of them being recalled per year. Often times, parents don’t hear about recalls, and toys end up being passed down to others without a second thought. What are some of the most recent baby product recalls? What can you look out for when shopping for your baby?

Children’s Book from Manhattan Toy

Roughly 1,200 of these have been sold throughout the US and Canada. These plush books seem harmless enough, but they have a metal grommet to attach a fabric flap to a page that can come detached. This poses a choking hazard to babies and young children.

Infant Snowsuit from The Children’s Place

This snowsuit has metal snaps that can come detached and be a choking hazard to young children. Over 15,000 of these were sold throughout the US and Canada.

Baby Carrier from LÍLL … baby

With 6,600 sold, this carrier has a chest-clip strap that come detach from the shoulder strap and ultimately pose a fall hazard for the baby in the carrier.

Infant Rattle from i play

This rattle has small pieces that can detach and potentially choke an infant. Nearly 6,200 of these were sold in the US and Canada.

Baby Bath Support Seat from Tubeez

Fewer than 100 of these were sold-all of which were in Bealls Outlets through the US and La Bebe Boutique in Midland, Texas. These bath seats can tip over or an infant can slip underneath the support and potentially drown.

Fabric Infant Carrier from Eddie Bauer

Target sold roughly 22,000 of these between December of 2017 and August of 2018. The buckle can break and pose a fall hazard to the child in the carrier.

Coveralls from ED by Ellen DeGeneres

These coveralls have a bunny appliqué on the front that can detach and become a choking hazard. Roughly 2,500 of these were sold.

What Should You Look Out For?

The main thing to look for with any baby toys or clothing are small pieces that have the potential to come detached. Metal snaps or clasps can pose a threat if the fabric or thread around them weakens enough for them to pull off.

Carriers should be incredibly strong and sturdy. If it seems that buckles may not hold, it’s best to look at other options. Few things would be worse than your baby suddenly falling out of their carrier while your hands are tied up doing other things.

Lead content is something else to look out for in baby products-particularly in those that are painted. Lead can be incredibly toxic if ingested.

Some baby powder has even been shown to cause ovarian cancer. Talc is a silicate mineral found in the earth with asbestos and has been used in talcum powder products for years. If you or someone you know has ovarian cancer and uses baby powder with talc, you should consider filing a talcum powder lawsuit as soon as possible.

If you use any baby products that have been recalled it’s crucial to stop use immediately. Contact the manufacturer to receive a refund.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.