Pakistani Dies in Terror Attack in Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain – With increasing unrest in the Kingdom, lawmakers are calling upon the authorities to impose the death penalty on attackers who killed a Pakistani national.

Al Asala bloc(Conservative Sunni) in the Lower House of parliament on Saturday condemned the terror acts which resulted in the death of Shaikh Mohammed Riaz.

The 58-year-old worker was on his way to his labour accommodation in Ma’ameer village on March 8, when miscreants hurled petrol bombs at his pick up. According to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Health, the man sustained third degree burns on his upper body and died on Saturday due to respiratory complications.

Riaz on life support … a victim of terror act

Riaz worked with Unicorp for the past 15 years. He came from Jehlum district in Pakistan’s Punjab province and leaves behind a wife, three boys and two girls.

“A war has been declared by certain elements of the society who are harming innocent lives. This is a terror attack which has claimed the life of an innocent man,” MP Abdulhaleem Al Murad from the bloc said.

The Ministry of Interior has announced that three people were arrested in connection with the attacks and if charged could face life imprisonment.

This is the second death of a Pakistani national amidst the growing tension on the streets. Last year, Majid Asghar Ali, a policeman died on the spot after a group of masked men hurled Molotov Cocktails at the police Jeep, when he was patrolling in Karazakkan, one of the disturbed villages.

Violence has escalated in several villages across the tiny island since the beginning of this year. This followed after authorities arrested opposition figures – Hassan Mushaima and cleric Shaikh Mohammed Al Moqdade in January. According to their lawyer, the men are charged with funding a terrorist group, plans to overthrow the regime and inciting hatred.

In several villages, according to eyewitnesses, youth continue to burn dumpsters and tires and clash with the police. Local Human rights group have urged authorities to deploy police at key labour camps in the villages fearing the increasing attacks on expatriates.

Al Murad further urged authorities to charge the perpetrators under the Anti Terror law. Terror acts under the law also include preventing the authorities, places of worship and educational institutions from performing their duties. But according to officials, there were 14 arson attacks on educational institutions last year. No one was injured.

“We registered several incidents and foiled major attacks on schools. Recently, petrol bombs were hurled at the Karannah Primary Girls School,” Nabeel Assoumi, head of Public Relations at the Ministry of Education, said.

He further said in the past week, they have witnessed increasing attacks on schools. “A student from the Jidhaf technical school brought tear gas shells which he opened in the playground. Some students were affected because of inhalation,” Assoumi stressed.

Bahrain, a close US ally hosts its Navy Fifth Fleet.