New Orleans Police Shot 6 Unarmed Katrina People, FBI-DOJ Probe, Corruption

Decades of horrific New Orleans Civil Rights violations by its police, by elected officials and by sitting judges, make it hard not to suspect the motives of the newly launched local FBI probe into NOPD conduct, now that the Hurricane Katrina shooting cover-up has nationwide attention. There is no doubt in my mind, if the powers-that-be had any idea that the former NOPD supervisor would reveal the hatched covered up shooting of 6 unarmed people, the ex-cop would have been given a deal he could not refuse; or he would be assured that his loved ones would be very uncomfortable or unemployed. By the same token, it is common knowledge that just about anything can be done / can happen to anyone by New Orleans police -and there could be no retribution for unlawful acts, unless /until someone takes a chance and publicly snitches (or some person has nothing else to lose by telling all)!

Long before creating the city’s new Office of ‘Inspector’, New Orleans already had numerous so-called other law enforcement means, aside from what is referred to as its police department and local FBI. There’s the Metropolitan Crime Commission, the City DA, the plethora of (corrupt) civil and federal courts, and the U.S. Attorney’s office that is run by Mr. Jim Letten. Ironically, when unwary citizens report wrongdoings to those agencies, the only noticeable result is that the wrongdoers become better alerted as to which areas of their crimes require better secrecy. However, the City would not need an added expense of that ‘Inspector’ which actually overlaps / duplicates its already-in-place authorities, if those authorities would proficiently and / or ethically do their jobs, instead of apparently pursue perks and junkets -the GOOD LIFE. *Significant info about perks and junkets @ This new FBI probe will abet unjust invasions of privacy, witch-hunting, selective prosecution, patronage for elites and cronies, and augment political agendas. In particular, this new FBI Katrina probe called a ‘Civil Rights Investigation’, better enables getting scoops to use as leverage on people, as well as cover-up / cook the books / ‘doctor’ information like the Canal Street Brothel “Johns” -including rumored patron, U.S. Senator David Vitter. (Note: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was no better off from FBI investigations and surveillance on him.)

Also, doctored information (prior to Letten’s forwarding those so-called findings to Washington) prevented disgraced federal Judge Thomas Porteous from a similar fate as judges, sheriffs, and others entangled in “Gretna Court” wrongdoings who went to jail and lost their jobs in that scandal. (Porteous’ impeachment hearing is currently before the U.S. Congress.) However, the shielded New Orleans court system is far more corrupt than Gretna; even New Orleans Court of Clerk, Dale Atkins, admitted in a federal affidavit that she steers newly-filed lawsuits to the judge of her choice, rather than randomly allot cases as civil procedure requires. (See more about New Orleans court systems @ Also, Internet search key words like: Operation Wrinkled Robe, Canal Street Brothel, Inspector General amalgamation, Justice for Sale, Jamaican Sunset, foreclosure frauds and judicial collusion, debt collection frauds, Louisiana legal climate ranked 2nd in USA, etc.)

Mr. Letten’s concealment of ‘Johns’ and concealment of lawyers who paid bribes to Judge Porteous -and to other judges, is indicative of the bigger picture -which encompasses Louisiana’s atrocious poverty, paltry education, health, and problems with attracting and retaining business contracts which could provide jobs! Even the outrageous criminal activities of various indicted people (like former U. S. Congressman, Bill Jefferson and his incredibly greedy New Orleans clan) serves to inflame the public while deflecting from DECADES of pernicious powers-that-be White Collar, maffia-type Louisiana activities. Also, although lawbreakers deserve consequences, it is incalculable how many people have had little choice but to commit, participate in, assist with wrongdoing (sometimes simply due to need to clothe and feed their families) because crushing authorities, bribe-taking judges, and FBI had their feet on peoples’ necks.

Further, considering those invaded privacies and illegal wiretapping tactics of former U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, (Mr. Letten’s former boss), I have no doubt that certain Intelligence in this Southern region was, and is being derived from unlawful means, yet passed off as coming from snitches. Alarmingly, no Louisiana resident is safe from this stark likelihood. Also see info on Mr. Letten @

I am making this statement because I believe (as well as because whistleblowers will be safer; and so that poverty and corruption become truly reduced) the FOXES of New Orleans who are in charge of the HEN HOUSE need to be nationally observed in order to avert New Orleans from becoming -if it is not already, a Banana Republic.