Laws Keep Good People Honest

The Law Speaks but do you listen? We live in a day and time when living the laws of man has become unfashionable. Even living any law is uncommon to some and most inconvenient. We see it every day on the freeways or thorough fairs, speeding, cutting others off just to get ahead, and sometimes reckless driving without regard for the dangers involved. The idea that anything goes seems to be ever increasing into our society. It is amazing what is happening in today’s world and when or will it stop? Laws keep good people honest but for some it is a sign of weakness to obey the law or the law is something just to be broken.

Laws are not there just to see if one can get away with breaking it just for fun. Oh I admit many laws seem vague and obscure but they are laws and we should in every case give good judgment to living with-in the laws rather than breaking it for the sake of, who cares. I really don’t want to pick on the younger generation because they learn from their peers’ and that means you and me. Those who deliberately brake laws make life difficult for everyone. If this society is to survive then it must gain and understanding about life and law to better and become a greater nation. If society refuses to control itself and live within the law, not just man’s laws, but those deemed as God’s laws, then we will not survive the future. The trend of this nation for the past twenty (20) years is to ignore the law and scorn society.

The present day leadership in this nation is giving us a taste of what lays ahead for us. We will be controlled by force. Gun laws, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, will be abolished by the government and new laws contrary to our laws will be enforced by a government that will not tolerate any one breaking the law. It is called communism, do it or else or pay the price. Now you think this is way out and can’t be true? Have you read history and found a nation that survived more than 300 years? No, there are none. But try to control anyone who does not respect laws. It can’t be done unless they are locked up. Instead of control it will be anarchy. People who lose a desire to obey will fight against any controls, it is the nature of wild things, animals or people. Those who respect no law have no fear of breaking any law.

We are headed for a nation of no laws, no civility, and no love for one another. This nation will die a hard death and many living in it will parish. People will turn on one another and perish as if it were by the sword. More like guns and knives, not swords. Those who will not kill neighbors will ban together and find protection with others of the same nature or character. Cars will sit idle and the only transportation will be walking; there will be bicycles but no one will take a chance to ride them, death awaits those who ride them. Men will no longer go to work; no jobs and people will hunger and starve. Little children will plead for food and men and mothers will starve their children they will eat rather than feed the little ones. Is this a pitiful site to imagine? Will it is coming and we can make a difference but this people must change. I just hope and pray it isn’t too late to change or we just haven’t lost the desire to change.

Think about it folks our national debt, the world economy, the lack of jobs and the greed of people. This adds up to very disturbing results if we don’t change our ways and do it quickly. Really, some think there is no God? Well just wait and see how your faith treats you. No god no mercy. No god no food. Oh what makes food grow? Water, and who controls water? Oh that god again, the one some don’t really believe exists. No law, no understanding from he who gives laws. Remember the old adage? What goes around comes around. We as a nation have so greatly been blessed and we don’t appreciate what we have. I just hope and pray we will change and avoid the possible results of our apathy and lack of action for good.

If we but could live two laws there would be no need for judges, courts, or police. Love God with all our hearts and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This would solve our problems and peace would ensue.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.