Krystal Holloway is The Linda Kasabian of The Casey Anthony Murder Trial!

The defense exits the stage with a bang. A Fourth of July fireworks display of affairs and accidents! Krystal Holloway (River Cruz) is the Linda Kasabian for the defense. She is their star witness.

One, Krystal did have an affair with George Anthony. Two, George let it slip out on one occasion: “He said it was an accident that snowballed out of control.”

It was an accident, not that he believed it was an accident, such as the prosecution would have you think. Krystal was quite clear about this, in the re-cross with Jose Baez.

In a moment when he let his guard down, George had a minor slip of the tongue. While this ‘accident’ wasn’t elaborated on any further, this is enough already to get the picture.

This testimony for me was as revealing, as shocking, as Linda Kasabian telling the world exactly went down at the house of Roman Polanski, back on August 9, 1969.

krystal holloway

Well, maybe not quite that shocking, but it does tell you George held the belief that his granddaughter had died as a result of an accident.

I sense this will tip at least one juror over to the side of reasonable doubt, as far as believing that Casey killed her daughter deliberately.

The prosecution has failed to prove this in any fashion. Cindy alluded to an accident way back on July 15th, 2008, when she called Detective Yuri Melich over at Universal.

The other important thing that Krystal Holloway does, is to prove that George doesn’t always tell the truth. The two of them did have an affair, this is not in dispute.

Just the other day, George stated he did not have an affair with River Cruz (back in the autumn of 2008). Therefore, did George make other statements that were false?

River Cruz’s credibility is solid as granite, as of yesterday. George’s credibility is shattered into tiny pieces; Humpty Dumpty will never be able to put together again.

As we know now, all the Anthony’s are capable of lying, but are they capable of murder? Lying is one thing, but killing is an entirely different creature.

I will make a point to read Krystal Holloway’s unadulterated story in the National Inquirer, since I’ve heard there’s no spin on it, and it simply clears up the record of her momentous days with George, before the remains had actually been found.

The fact that River was paid $4,000 for her account is a trifle, compared to the lambastes and public whipping she’s received from the lamestream media. Krystal required an untainted record.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Efforts of Jeff Ashton to sleaze her out failed miserably. River holds her ground. The affair with George and its cover-up only begs the question, what else is George hiding?

My hair raised up on the back of my neck when I learned George had purchased a handgun to use for drilling some of Casey’s friends about little Caylee!

This is another example where George is willing to go over the edge. This is a felony, since Casey was out on bond in October of 2008. Not such good behavior for an ex-cop.

Yesterday’s proceedings shot as many holes in the carcass of the prosecution’s timeline for murder, as Bonnie and Clyde took from the Texas Rangers on a lonely dirt farm road in Louisiana. ACCIDENT NOT MURDER! Our ultimate take-away from Krystal’s words of honesty.