State of Illinois Unveils New Transportation and Vehicle Regulations from Jan 1, 2018

On the 1st of January 2018, the state of Illinois implemented new transportation and vehicle regulations. More than 200 new laws were passed by Illinois legislators in a bid to deal with various issues that the state has been struggling with for years, revealed online sources.

These new laws came into force on January 1. According to the new House Bill 1784 (Vehicle Code and Bicycles), motor drivers will now be able to pass cyclists in the no-passing zones. Also, the transportation and vehicle regulations have made it legal for bicyclists to ride on sidewalks.

Yet another new transportation and vehicles House Bill HB 1805 (Organ Donor Registry Age), the age for registration as First Person Consent organ and tissue donor has been reduced from 18 years to 16 years. This move by the State of Illinois will make it possible for driver’s license or identification card applicants aged 16 years or above.

According to House Bill 733 (Dealership Vehicle Stickers), car dealers have been mandated to remove any signs or stickers from the front windshield or windows of a car that may obstruct the view. This law is applicable for both new and used car dealers, and also for vehicles offered for lease or rent.

According to House Bill 3874 (Mandatory Vehicle Insurance), anyone driving, owing or maintaining registration of a motor vehicle must possess a liability insurance policy. This move seems to be inspired by traffic regulations in India that mandate a third party car or two-wheeler insurance policy for anyone driving or riding on Indian roads.

In addition to these new laws, Illinois Secretary of State is now authorized to verify auto insurance policies electronically under House Bill 2610 (Electronic Auto Insurance Verification). Also, the secretary of state is now required to include an applicant’s email address, if available, for certificate of title and vehicle registration, according to House Bill 3045 (Illinois Secretary of State Email Notification).

Furthermore, the state of Illinois decided to add walking, running and biking pathways for specially-abled pedestrians under House Bill 2643(Pedestrian Disability Paths).

The new House Bill 2725 (Recreation Trail Funds) requires the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Department of Transportation to coordinate with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to develop projects included in the Recreational Trails Program.

According to new House Bill 3293 (School Bus Identification), those buying school buses from a non-school entity including school districts, school bus vendors, school bus companies or religious establishments must make a set of modifications to the buses. In addition, the new SB 2028 (School Bus Activity) allows school buses to be used for transporting passengers other than students without having to change the registration and license plates.

A House Bill 3469 (Emergency Sirens) rule now allows installation of sirens in county emergency service, disaster service vehicles or municipal vehicles.

All these and many more traffic and transportation laws have come into effect in the state of Illinois from the very first day of 2018. All thanks to Illinois citizens and activists who worked closely with state lawmakers on improving, refining and updating traffic and vehicle regulations in the state.

Shruti Gupta
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