Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane Facing Life Behind Bars

Colleen LaRose, 46, known as Jihad Jane also Fatima LaRose was born on American soil- living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- and charged with crimes pointing to terrorism. The accusations are plotting to kill Lars Vilks- Swedish cartoonist, supporting terrorists, possible identity theft and making distorted statements.

Vilks’ cartoon of the prophet Mohammed with a dog’s body stirred people up- though he wasn’t named as LaRose’s mark.

Al-Qaida’s response to the drawing was to put a $100,000 reward on Vilks’ head, and 50% additional compensation if “slaughtered.”

It’s reported Fatima LaRose commented on You-Tube that she was open to helping suffering Muslim people. She sent e-mails to co-conspirators proposing to offer herself as a martyr and to use her American status to avoid exposure, according to a Pennsylvania federal court’s indictment.

The indictment asserts that she tried to recruit others, raise funds on the Internet and gave false statements to the FBI. The accusation refers to LaRose consenting to wed a co- conspirator who wanted to set-up-shop, live, in Europe. He is the one who pushed her to go to Sweden- find a Swedish man- and silence him, reports said.

If she’s found guilty, she’s facing life behind bars. She was given a court date of May 3, 2010.