Amy Winehouse Arrested by London Police, No No No

LONDON, England. She has sung that she will never “go to rehab,” but now she may be forced to. Amy Winehouse, the 25-year-old British singer and fourth time winner of the 2008 Grammy Awards, was arrested Wednesday by the metropolitan police.

The arrest was purely of technical reasons as Winehouse arrived at the police station voluntarily. The singer was interviewed in connection of a video, filmed in January this year that showed her doing drugs at her home party. According to Winehouse’s spokesman, his client “voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment.” He also added that the procedure had been carried out without any incidents. “She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is cooperating fully with inquiries.”

After several hours Amy Winehouse was released.

The pictures of Winehouse doing drugs were published by British tabloids in January 2008. This sparked the singer to enter a rehabilitation center for a two-week therapy. At around the same time, the young celebrity was questioned by the metropolitan police in relation to the video, but no official charges were brought against her. In the following months, Amy Winehouse was caught doing drugs on a number of occasions. On April 25, she was arrested for assaulting a man in one of London’s club; she left the prison three days later.

Amy Winehouse became internationally recognized in 2006 although her debut album was released in Great Britain three years earlier. Her controversial song “Rehab” stormed the American and European charts in October 2006 and quickly won her millions of faithful fans around the world. Winehouse was nominated six times for the 2008 Grammy Awards, receiving four statuettes, including ones for the best song of the year and the record of the year.

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