‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’ -Daniel Proctor on the Lam for Domestic Homicide!

Why are we just now hearing that Amy Patterson is missing? How can an entire month go by before she is reported missing? The first news reports of Amy Patterson’s disappearance dates back to August 30th. Why did so much time go by before it was reported?

amy patterson and daniel proctor

Daniel Proctor was telling a number of people (a neighbor, his landlord, and his own mother) that Amy had died in an automobile accident. Daniel went to his mother’s home in Huntsville, Alabama just last week, driving Amy’s car. The vehicle is a 1997 white Ford Explorer with license plate number of: 47N82T2. Mom didn’t buy his tall tale.

amy patterson neighbor

This should probably be put off on the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, who needed to investigate Daniel Proctor (44) properly, his whereabouts and the integrity of his story. Once Proctor senses that the heat was coming down on him, he steals a 38 caliber pistol from a friend and takes off. I’m still trying to confirm this, but I believe Daniel stole a different car (from Amy’s) as well.

A ‘Be On The Lookout’ flyer (a BOLO report) has been issued by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office last night. To put it bluntly, Daniel Proctor is a suspect in a domestic homicide, and is ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

amy patterson house

As is frequently the case, people who have had casual contact with the parties involved, weren’t cognizant of any problems or wrong doing. One such person is the estranged couples’ landlord, Brian Swain, who didn’t notice anything (particularly) out of place, when he last saw them, which was several weeks ago.

“They always seemed very pleasant and very happy or at least my experience of being around them. I personally never saw anything that gave me any concern.”

Proctor and Patterson were married in 1991 and were divorced just three years later. Daniel has been to jail before and has displayed a pattern of abuse to his spouse. Why did Amy go back to him a couple of years ago? Returning to an abusive spouse is common, according to Jennifer Benton, CEO of a Fort Myers based Abuse Counseling & Treatment.

Daniel Proctor is on the lam; he’s believed to be in the Southeast district of the US still. But that’s a wide-swath of territory! Be on the look-out! You might benefit by reading Flannery O’Connor’s short story, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, where an innocent family has the misfortune of meeting the Misfit, who is a cold-blooded killer.