3 Must Have iPhone Apps for Attorneys

iPhones and iPads are now a necessary tool for lawyers everywhere, especially for business lawyers who are very busy. It is not only a tool for communication and entertainment, it can be used to make their work easier. With its many advantages, it’s no wonder that lawyers can’t resist this advancement in technology and use them for their law practice.

There are many iPhone and iPad apps for lawyers and most of them can be used for free. They can be used for time-tracking, note-taking, recording, scanning, and for document review and markup. In this post, we are going to look at some of the must-have apps for any lawyer out there. Let’s start with the first one!

ScanBizCards app.

ScanBizCards HD Lite

Business cards are out; the ScanBizCards HD Lite is in. This app is something you can use not only to exchange information but also to follow up with people you have met at conferences and events. Instead of collecting business cards and letting them gather dust, you can use this business card reader app with your iPhone camera. It will scan the card and save a file to your phone in seconds.

But it does more than saving the details of the calling card; it has more than 30 premium features. This includes sending a quick email to your contacts. It also has a calendar for your reminders.

ScanBizCards HD Lite also syncs to all of your devices.

signature app.

Sign Now

Busy lawyers can take advantage of this free app. You can use this whether you are closing a transaction for real estate or signing powers of attorney or a letter of representation. You can sign these important documents anytime and anywhere. You can also use it if you need someone’s signature. This app will help you secure your intellectual property with your personal signature.

Sign Now can help you in managing your time, especially if you are with your family or on an out of town trip. What you can do is you can upload any Word document of PDF file from your email, camera, or Dropbox. After that, you can sign with your fingerprint and then email the signed documents. Another option is to save it to a SignNow account which is free.

Other than that, you can use this app to turn a picture into a PDF file, get the signature from clients on their mobile devices or only, and fill in PDF forms.

irecorder app

iRecorder Pro

Although this app is not free, it won’t hurt your wallet. It only costs $2.99. This is a great app when you need to transform your iPhone into a mobile dictation device. The app has a very simple single touch recording button. It is also designed to look for any part of the recording within a fraction of a second. When a call comes, it automatically pauses the recording. It can also allow you to email the recordings. You can use it on the road as you are taking notes, not just for dictating briefs or letters.


These apps are just three among the many apps that lawyers can use in making their life and their practice easier. Not only will it save time, but it will also save them the hassle of going through piles of papers or business cards or even maps when they are traveling for their business meetings and conferences. These apps are easy to use and are available for free.

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