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Maggie Martin is very passionate about healthy living and books. She writes informative blogs about Food and Healthy Lifestyles. She also contributes content on Biotech, Life Sciences, and Viral Outbreaks.
bookish fellow - digital publishing.

Why Choose Digital Publishing?

Ten years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine that something could replace a good old paperback that you brought with you. You could...
iphone apps.

3 Must Have iPhone Apps for Attorneys

iPhones and iPads are now a necessary tool for lawyers everywhere, especially for business lawyers who are very busy. It is not only a...
taking care of family

Four Benefits of Estate Planning That Are Sometimes Forgotten

One of the hardest times for any family is when a major pillar of the household has fallen through demise or being incapacitated. It...

6 Fall & Winter Family Activities You Cannot Miss in Central...

From haunted Halloween houses through to Christmas events and go-kart tracks this list offers some extraordinary days of family fun on a very reasonable...
Curcumin with Black Pepper.

How Curcumin With Black Pepper Can Heal Your Body

Both turmeric and black pepper have active ingredients that work together to boost overall health. These herbs have been demonstrated by medical research to...
semliki forest virus.

HPV and Cancer: What You Need to Know About One of...

HPV is a virus that can affect both males and females. There are over one hundred variations of this virus with some types causing...