Will India’s Economy Beat Out China in Race to Top in 2016?

Experts have watched the quickly growing economy of India since the turn of the century. Ever since the country gained their independence from Britain, their financial markets have flourished. So much so, that experts are now wondering if India could outpace China as the world’s fastest growing economy.

India Stands Strong in Shaky Global Economy

Economies around the world might be struggling when compared to the U.S. dollar, but India is thriving. Overall, India is slated to see an impressive 8.5 percent growth in their 2016 fiscal year. This revelation comes after a series of recalculations performed on the GDP calculations that were made in January of 2015.

India’s currency, the rupee, has also grown in value against the dollar this year, while other currencies have lost value. South Africa, Brazil and Turkey for example, are all struggling heavily to stay afloat. Plus, India’s valuable currency has also resulted in a raised credit outlook.

Experts are also recognizing that India’s new government, under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has influenced the market significantly. The government has put a large focus on improving jobs and businesses while lowering foreign debt.

India is a “Sweet Spot” for Investors


According to CNN Money, Emerging Global Advisors’ Chief Investment Strategist Nick Smithie believes India is looking very attractive … There are plenty of opportunities for smart investments within this economic surge. As far as investments are concerned, the next few years should be very positive.

The best part is that the prime investment stage hasn’t even peaked. Usually when investors hear about booming economies, they have already reached the top and are slowly going back down. However, with India, things are only getting better. If you’re looking to invest, now might be the perfect time.

Some of the prime markets for investing include tourism, hospitality, animation, IT, power and real estate. For those looking to make money from overseas real estate, investing in booming cities is just the ticket.

Pune, for example, is currently one of the best cities for investing in residential real estate. It’s projected to be incredibly fruitful during this economic explosion, thanks to an expected steady ROI over the next few years, increased employment opportunities, affordable residential housing and an improved physical and social infrastructure. The economy has been very kind to many cities in India, just like this one, offering a great opportunity for real estate investors everywhere.

How Long Will It Last?

Although it’s projected to be the fastest growing economy in the world in 2016, this can’t last forever. As always, the uphill trend must end at some point, though it likely won’t happen for a while. Experts believe the incline to continue well into 2017 before it begins to drop again.

So will investors everywhere soon be flocking to India? At this point, there’s no denying that the prosperity there is an opportunity that can’t be ignored. Though it’s not certain that India will beat out China in the race to the top in 2016, it’s certain that the economy will continue to rise at an extremely fast pace, and strong investors are planning to take full advantage.