Why having a FAQ page is Good for business

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page may seem unimportant, but it can serve a business purpose in many surprising ways. With FAQ pages customers can find answers to their common queries, pertinent questions or address any concerns they might have about the business products, services, or processes.

Do not confuse it with “About Us” page. The “About Us” page provides information about the structure of each organization, management team, and contact information. Whereas the FAQ page gives details about the process of the business. This is more important for the customers and directly addresses their various concerns related to business procedures and services offered.

What is an FAQ page?

An FAQ page answers various questions that customer might be having. All their “what if..,” “but..,” and “how..” about business process are answered on this page. If a business website is a labyrinth, then FAQ page is the navigation map of that maze.

An FAQ page assures that every query will be addressed immediately, without them having to call, write an email or contact anyone in a support team. This page works as a trust-building-bridge between the business and the customer. Having an FAQ page is as important as having a regularly updated blog.

FAQ page gives an immediate indication to the customers that the business is aware of their needs and have already taken steps to address any concern of theirs. This page acts as the first point where the customer will come if they face any problem while conducting business. This is the first step of the customer service, where envisage all possible queries from the customer’s point of view and address those queries beforehand.

Websites FAQ page fulfills a major customer service requirement where general problems are already answered. This saves money and frees the time of support team and other team members.

With an FAQ page, business scores another good point with the search engine algorithms and helps a website get better rankings. Also, the FAQ section helps to increase the content with relevant keywords.

If a business niche is where not much content is available such as barbershop or dentist, then FAQ page will give an excellent opportunity to put in rich content with long tail keywords and optimize business for search engine rankings. Digital marketing will be ineffective if not done with the proper SEO. The FAQ page will help a lot for putting in SEO keywords.

Frequently updated answers

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Keep in mind, that FAQ page should have the latest information about the business and should be updated from time to time.

The FAQ page can be used to help customers navigate on the site more easily. To do this, try to provide hyperlinks in various questions that will take visitors to the related page from the answer.

A compelling side benefit of having a FAQ page is, that the customers may find answers from this page while searching for something on the search engines. When they arrive on the website, they will naturally look around and might find something of their interest and become permanent customers.

For WordPress users create FAQ page very easy, because of the variety of different plugins. One of them is a WordPress FAQ plugin which helps to add a frequently asked question section on the website. Use this plugin and generate a useful FAQ page for the site on the go.

This seemingly simple page is not only a useful customer service place on the website, but it can also become a data gathering, search engine optimization and sales process handling tool for business.

If “the first impressions are lasting impressions” then all the businesses should consider creating the FAQ page as the first AND last impression for the curious customer. Pay attention to what this page tells the customers, and it will become a useful tool in helping every business to grow.

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