When Our Government Commits Treason, The People Must Act

The United States of America is currently being governed by an Ineptocracy.

Ineptocracy: a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth generated by a diminishing number of producers.’

This is the radical Left’s dream and Barack Obama and Eric Holder are leading their charge into anarchy followed by tyranny.

Partial List of Ineptocracy Steps

Ineptocracy Definition
  1. Administration-orchestrated gunrunning into Mexico for the sole purpose of creating an impression that strict gun control in America is needed (i.e. disarm patriots through encroachment on our Second Amendment rights).
  2. Passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which gives this Administration the power to revoke a citizen’s writ of habeas corpus (unconstitutional and tyrannical).
  3. Executive order to allow the President to take control of all natural resources including transportation networks and food supplies even during peacetime (never before invoked except during war. This allows martial law).
  4. Ongoing assault on states that try to ensure integrity at the ballot box. This allows rigged elections by the Left.
  5. Actions by Department of Injustice, and this week an executive order to violate legal immigration law which on its face is illegal and a dictatorial end-run around Congress. Possibly a path to allow illegals to vote for Left-wing candidates in November?.
  6. National security leaks from the White House with criminal Eric Holder protecting those responsible.

Why Is Congress Powerless?

Congress (because the U.S. Senate is controlled by socialist elites) appears powerless, and the Supreme Court sits quietly and observes the tyrannical takeover of America and decimation of our Constitution!

“We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama was elected based on superficial impressions by uninformed voters, those with liberal mental disorder (LMD), government dependents, corrupt labor union operatives, and a large dose of fraud.

No promises he made (other than undefined ‘change’ which he failed to explain to the gullible masses) have been kept. The Obama Administration has inflicted irreversible damage to our economy, our Treasury, our rule of law, our international standing, our potential energy self-sufficiency, and our culture of respect for all citizens, all with evil intent to divide and destroy the most successful nation on Earth.

Obama acts independently according to his radical ideology which embraces many tenets of communism, Marxism and socialism. He has all but dashed our hopes of leaving a better and stronger America to our children.

The impractical and self-destructive fantasies of radical liberalism have been allowed to reign. Obama and his minions have brought America to its knees in debt which may never be paid off by our children. The Left’s actions have caused California to be the next Greece and Detroit the poster child of a radical socialist ideology which sacrifices family, self-sufficiency and competitive education of our children so the left-wing elites can ensure their continued power over the masses through ineptocracy (see definition above).

Message to Young Hispanics in America

Cubans who immigrated to Florida several decades ago to escape mass executions and the tyranny of Fidel Castro know better than to vote for Obama. These immigrants left all of their personal possessions to risk crossing the Florida Straits in their quest for liberty and self-sufficiency.

Younger, poorly educated and politically naive Hispanics are drinking Obama’s poison and need to quickly recognize they will be selling their souls to serfdom under a powerful tyrant if they don’t quickly seek the advice of their parents and grandparents.

These younger Hispanics have forgotten why their grandparents took that risk – for FREEDOM!

Obama Throws Religious Freedom Under The Bus

Obama has lost most of the Jewish and Catholic vote by throwing Israel and religious freedom under the bus.

Many independents are disappointed. Those who run small businesses will vote for anyone but Obama since he has enacted over one hundred new burdensome regulations on small business. Most Americans, with the notable exception of many in the Northeast and California will vote for someone other than Barack Obama.

Destruction of Sovereignty and Constitution

We the People must defend against this orchestrated destruction of our national sovereignty and our Constitution at the hands of Obama and his radicals through illegal executive orders, violations of the rule of law by his henchmen from the DOIJ, and illegal treaties made by Hillary Clinton with rogue dictators of the United Nations.

Read what our Constitution says about defending our nation against enemies “both foreign and domestic” and then reread what Lincoln said above. Our greatest enemies are radicals who hijacked the Democrat Party and now control Fedzilla.

Patriots must remove, prosecute and punish these criminals if America is to preserve its sovereignty and our liberty.

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By Dr. Alan Bates

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