What to Look For and Questions to Ask When Hiring a Business Plan Writer

Hiring a business plan writer is a task that should be well thought out. It is important that a business owner takes the time to really hire someone who will help their business to grow-not someone who will write a quick plan just to get paid and then leave, never to be heard from again. Writing a business plan is a big commitment, and the writer must be available to revise and review as necessary.

While business plans can be written by a business owner and their team, it can be beneficial to hire someone, as long as the right person is found. Here are some ideas of what to look for and questions to ask when hiring a business plan writer.

Find Someone Who Will Stick Around for the Long Haul

Don’t just find a business plan writer that will write the plan and be gone-find someone who will stick around and be willing to come back to the table to answer questions when needed.

Find Someone with Experience

A person who writes a business plan should be well-versed in both the writing process, as well as the business plan itself. This person should have experience. Ask them, “What kind of experience do you have with this type of business?” It also might be a good idea to ask them how their previous experience will benefit the business plan.

Look for Someone Who is Willing to Review and Revise as Necessary

Find a writer who is willing to come back at certain intervals during the year to review and revise if necessary. Business plans are constantly changing because businesses are changing. A writer who is willing to come back yearly or quarterly to make sure the plan is still working holds higher potential than someone who is only going to write the plan.

Find Someone That Can Engage Employees

A very important question to ask a potential business plan writer is, “How will the plan engage and motivate employees in the company?” If a business plan is not engaging, then there is no use for it. Business plan writers who can answer that question properly may be a good fit. It takes a lot to engage all employees in a business.

Find a Writer Who is Invested in the Company

That could even mean hiring someone who is involved in the company. It might be a good idea to find a writer that knows the company from the inside out. This means that a person invested in the company would be around for the long haul, but also means that they will require less training. This is a plan that can save the company money. If there is someone within the company who is great at what they do and can write the business plan, then it is a win for everyone.

All in All

Hiring a writer to put together a business plan for a company doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It is an important one. Business plans can help a company to stay on the right track. It is a great way to check in to see if the company is meeting goals. It is important to ask potential business writers important questions to ensure they are the right fit.

Melissa Thompson
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