What Skills Will Employers Look for in 2019?

With the new year almost upon us, many of us may be thinking about taking up a new job, or changing their careers altogether. This part of the job hunt always seems like a daunting prospect when a person hasn’t experienced the interview process for a while, however it doesn’t have to be!

If they are keen to land that next job, then all they have to do is start researching! Finding out what skills are required in the role is important to see if they are a good match.

To help them out, we have done some research ourselves, as we share with 5 skills which employers are bound to be looking for in 2019.

Complex Problem Solving

Problem solving is a core skill which many employers will require, and even more so in the future. With the increase in technology making life easier, it can still create some confusion in certain areas. Having someone to be able to analyse results and fix errors where they are present will be crucial in helping the company manage well, and an employee who can solve problems will be an asset to any organisation.

Critical Thinking

As automation gradually increases, the requirement for humans who can deliver logic and reasoning is on the rise. Employers want to hire people who have critical minds and who are able to evaluate the uses of technology, to the benefit of the company. Automation may be useful in certain areas, but when things go wrong, real people will be needed to fix the problem, fast.


Those individuals with creative minds will be well sought after by employers as we move into the future. As we are growing with technology, more and more companies will want to hire creative individuals who can truly create new concepts utilize new technologies to keep the company in the spotlight.

Coordinating with Others

Social skills are always considered popular with employers as we move into the future. No one wants to hire someone that is anti-social and who only works well alone. Teamwork is important in organisations, and to be able to succeed, it takes a team of people who are able to collaborate well with one another and in relation to one another. As saying goes, team work makes the dream work!

Technology Literacy

Of course, nowadays technology is everywhere, and in most jobs that a person will encounter. This means they must have their computer skills up to scratch as they will most likely be working with one every day, depending on the role. If they don’t feel like their IT skills are up to scratch, perhaps online computer courses could help them out prior to their job search, and bring their skillset to the top!

So there it is! A couple of skills which are bound to be crucial looking into 2019 and into the future. If a person is able to evaluate their current skill set and see where improvements for new skills can be made, they are sure to do well in their job search!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.