What A Business Needs To Look For In A Hire That Increase The Likelihood of Success

Finding the right employees can seem like a daunting task for any business whether they are as startup or an established corporation. Looking for certain qualities in a hire can be tough as there are some people that give a great interview only to be a completely different person within the first few weeks of employment. A person not only has to be producing at an adequate level but they also have to be a great culture fit. A person that is commonly upset or angry about things can actually bring a feeling of negativity to the office. With this being said you do not want employees that always fake a smile so some emotion is more than acceptable. The following are some things that can help their hiring become more successful by looking for the qualities below.

Former College Athletes Make Great Employees

Former college and high school athletes can make great employees for a variety of reasons. These athletes follow directions and are very coachable which in new roles is an incredible quality to have. These athletes will also ask management where they can improve as improving in sports can be the smallest tweak in technique. The competitive nature of most athletes that made it to the college level can be a huge boost to office morale. A sales team that constantly is competing while having fun can take the entire department to the next level. College athletes had a full schedule while in school and those that thrived are ones you need to consider hiring.

Always Trying To Improve

A young or older employee that is taking part in online learning whether it is learning a new language or chemistry is trying to improve themselves. Ask the person in the interview about their accomplishments outside of their last job. This can help enlighten the company of whether the person gets comfortable and stops improving themselves if they have stable employment. Everything from getting into great shape to participating in community service are great things to look for.


During the interview process asking a series of questions on accountability is important. Far too often do employees throw fellow employees under the bus due to shortcomings in their work or failure to complete something before a deadline. This can ruin a corporate culture as it fosters backstabbing as a way to climb the corporate ladder. Ask them about a mistake that they made and how they dealt with this. If they confronted it with management letting them know how and why they made the mistake this is a person that values accountability. If they hurried up and tried to patch things up before anyone noticed this only for it to be blamed on another, this is a red flag although they wouldn’t admit they passed the blame along. Build a corporate culture of accountability and it can help ensure success as well as fosters group problem solving.

The right interview process and qualities that are valued in new hires are important for any company to establish. This will allow the company to hire people that will work well together which can make for a great working environment where people do mind coming into work daily.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.