US Bank Gives Best Banking Customer Service

When I attempted to deposit a check at the main branch of U.S. Bank over the weekend, the machine indicated it was not taking deposits. I can understand a bank not wanting to give out money- but refusing to take my money? I was bewildered, and livid. I wanted my money in the bank, and this had happened to me not one, but four times.

So after some irritated phone calls to the bank, I got a resolution per my request- a small sum deposited into my account, and an additional gift, as well as apologies from several persons, and a thank you for indicating the problem. This is an example of top level customer service, courtesy, and professionalism, that has earned U.S. Bank the title of ‘Best Banking Customer Service’ in the nation.


Now granted- with competition that borders on the abysmal- such as Bank of America who is one of worst companies I have ever dealt with- that may not be hard to achieve- and yet, U.S. Bank not only beats their competition by not treating customers poorly, but they beat them much further by actually treating them right.

Sure, that ATM should have been working in the first place, but I’d be a liar if I told you I never made a mistake that needed corrected and handled. The key is, how is the problem dealt with and what is done to prevent it from happening in the future?

I doubt U.S. Bank will have a problem with this machine in the future. Granted, it took me- an aggressive customer that raised a small storm to get it dealt with- but it got resolved. Had this been Bank of America, my feeling is that they would have probably hung up on me. Had it been Chase Bank, I would probably still be trying to get a live human being on the phone after countless hours.

This is the main reason I switched to U.S. Bank in the first place- human contact, and courteous treatment. And they aren’t even paying me to say this. Oh wait- they did just pay me. Regardless, U.S. Bank has got it right, and I don’t have a problem saying so. And if that makes those ‘occupy’ punks not like me- then so be it.