UE.co Reveals How to Maintain a Coachable Environment

A company is only as strong as the employees that drive the company forward. Employees that are engaged and invested in their workplace go that extra mile for their customers and coworkers.

San Diego based UE.co is a cutting-edge company that designs software platforms to enhance the management of performance-based marketing services like data-based leads and live phone calls. Named as a “Great Place to Work,” UE.co, has created the UE.co Community Scholarship to support innovators and leaders in the community. Below, UE.co shares how coaching is an excellent way to decrease employee disengagement and allow them to take a more active role.

What is a Coachable Environment?

A coachable environment is one where the employees of the company are empowered with their jobs. Employees that are micromanaged and are unable to achieve their goals independently are those that are often disengaged. These workers are unable to handle their tasks without any autonomy which can make them feel unappreciated and not trusted.

In a coachable environment, rather than telling an employee exactly what to do in a situation, a manager with a coaching mindset will ask them how they should handle the situation. It gives the employee a chance to grow their skills while still providing the manager oversight over the situation to make sure it’s dealt with properly.

Feedback is Vital

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a coachable environment is feedback. Employees need feedback that comes to them regularly on how they are doing in their position. Waiting until a yearly performance review or when something has been going wrong for a while isn’t helpful. It can make an employee feel blindsided and doesn’t help correct the issue easily.

Listen to their Feedback

Feedback should go both ways in that it should also flow from employees. They should feel encouraged to create a dialogue with their managers and co-workers about what they see during their tasks. Employees can be an excellent source for finding new processes and finetuning the system. Always be ready to listen.

Break the Comfort Zone

Employees can get into a rut where they fall into their comfort zone. They are set in their ways. They’ve gotten to the point where they can do their job efficiently without any challenges. This scenario may seem right, but it can cause them to feel dissatisfaction with their jobs. Employees should be challenged without being overwhelmed. Let them take on new duties that allow them to expand their skills while offering them support.

Create Goals Together

As Richard Branson says, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” Employees that feel as though they are just a replaceable part of the company are often just going through the motions of their job. Making an employee feel valued turns that around. Work together on creating goals for employees that will help them grow in their position and as an employable asset.

Maintaining a coachable environment means keeping employees interested while empowering them in their career. These tips from UE.co can help any company create and sustain an environment that makes employees feel engaged. Clients will reap the benefits of working with employees that care about their company.

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