The ‘Linux Loft Family Box’ is a Powerful Idea for Households with Young People

Edubuntu desktop
Edubuntu desktop

The Linux Loft ( has created a GNU/Linux desktop computer for family use. The computer, named the Linux Loft Family Box, is intended to orient school-age children to Free and Open Source Software. This durable desktop is pre-installed with Edubuntu, a Linux distribution whose motto is “Linux for young human beings.” Being Linux-based, this computer is immune to the current epidemic of Windows-based viruses and spyware.

Use of Free and Open Source Software from an early age helps students avoid a lifetime of software expense in their PCs. The Linux Loft Family Box is the first-ever family computer to be entirely equipped with Free and Open Source Software. Edubuntu, a variant of Ubuntu, was developed for educational networking. The developers at The Linux Loft thought this was a great idea, and further adapted the distro for household use.

Edubuntu is also distinguished by its efficiency, stability, and gorgeous visual design. Its unique graphics make this system inviting and enjoyable for kids in primary and middle school. It contains over 25 education-specific applications aimed at the 6-18 age group, including GCompris and the KDE education suite.

In many families, the kids’ computers are not available for homework because they are corrupted by spyware and viruses. “This computer will not be on the blink at term paper time” declares Aymeric Nunge, who headed the development of the Linux Loft Family Box.

The Linux Loft ( is a Manhattan-based business offering preconfigured computers and consulting.

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