The Coming of ClearCoin

The internet can be seen as a giant pile of information. But what kind of information is it? Some of it is gold, the kind of data that companies pay good money for in order to narrow and define their search for investment, for marketing, for advertising, and for political and a host of other purposes that are good, bad, or simply irritating. Right now Google is undisputed king of this towering heap. They can mine data and come up with statistics and analysis that will turn a startup into a Fortune 500 company — or, they can pass along information so faulty and fraudulent that it is not only worthless, but in the long run damaging or even criminal. There are companies galore who are trying to eke out a niche in this pile of data, and their motives are a mixed bag, to say the least.

One of the newest and most fascinating wrinkles in the cyber world today is the decentralized web, or, as some are calling it, Web3. The decentralized web is where blockchains are thriving the most today. Buying and selling advertising in this new medium is growing fast, and marketers are desperate to tap into this pristine Web3 in order to reach new markets and reinforce existing markets in a new way. It could be a goldmine — or it could be a gigantic pitfall. The challenge, as with all internet data, is how timely it is and how legitimate it is. It’s that old conundrum of “garbage in, garbage out.” Silk purses are not made out of sow’s ears. Basing an advertising campaign or a media buy on faulty, fraudulent data is a deadly mistake for any kind of business. Regulations are being put in place and watchdog groups are rife, helping to guide companies through this morass of disinformation to find the golden reality. But they can only do so much. Private enterprise is still the best way to insure a steady flow of uncorrupted data.

ClearCoin is a tech company that is dedicated to sifting through data on the decentralized web in order to find and index legitimate data in real time for media buyers and marketing agencies who need to know what their current customers will respond to and what market niches to further aim for. They are coming at the problem of legitimate indexed data on Web3 with two distinct methods. One, cleaning up the media supply chain; and two, a complete reorganization and indexing of data posted on blockchains. Their goal is to eliminate ad fraud from their indexes and provide media companies and advertisers with this authentic data at a minimum cost and with a maximum of efficiency. It is estimated that in the next seven years fraudulent internet advertising, to say nothing of just plain fake news, will cost the industry a whopping fifty billion dollars. ClearCoin aims to see that this doesn’t happen in their bailiwick of Web3.

Distributed ledger information on the decentralized web is what ClearCoin specializes in. and they are making a name for themselves as reliable, honest, and transparent data brokers.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.