Small Details That Can Help Close Huge Sales

The world of sales in all industries is incredibly competitive as salespeople who are driven want to make as much commission as possible. There are some people who are incredible at the pitch while others can read the prospect’s body language. These are both essential to closing as many sales as possible but what to improve once they have perfected these important as aspects of a sale? The small details are what salespeople need to start considering next if they are not closing the same amount of deals as a person who has the same pitch and ability to read body language. The following are a few of the small details to take care of that can take sales numbers to the next level.

Researching The Background Of Who Is Being Pitched

Being able to relate to a prospect is a huge battle especially if there is a big age difference between the prospect and the salespeople. One thing that needs to be done is thorough research on the background of the prospect. Going to the same university or being a fan of something similar helps build personal rapport. Looking at the job history can allow a salesperson to understand what the person specializes in. For example, this can let a sales professional know whether the person is a numbers person or a creative depending on previous jobs held.

A Nice Ring or Watch

A nice watch can be a conversation piece or even a ring can start a conversation. While female sales pros might not want to wear a gaudy ring that distracts the prospect, a male in sales with a more modest ring could spark conversation. Brilliance offers men’s wedding bands that are both traditional and some that are much more interesting. A sharp suit or shoes can be another point of conversation. As a person pitching you want to make the prospect feel comfortable and feel like they are the one running the conversation.

Ask About Pain Points For The Prospect

Those salespeople that dive right into a pitch without asking why a prospect responded to an email or filled out a contact form on the site is begging for disaster. People as a whole do not like to feel like they are being sold but rather they are making the decision to buy. Wasting the prospect’s time by going through services and products they do not need currently can lose the sale. A questionnaire of the prospect before a call or meeting can allow a salesperson to customize their pitch as well as see what the budget is for such a project or order.

A Small Discount For Signing NOW

People in sales do not get commission for nearly closing a deal or almost getting the prospect to commit. Offering a discount to sign now or in the next 24 hours allows the sale to be completed as well as lets the customer feel like they got a great deal. Those in sales know their bottom line when it comes to margins and how much they can give as a discount. If a prospect has been worried about a budget throughout the sales process it is time to talk to the sales manager about what kind of deal they can be cut. Those companies with high margins can give much more of a discount than those with less than a 50 percent margin.

Sales are all about the details so take care of the ones that can be controlled then let the prospect make their final decision. Even closing one more deal a week can add up to an immense increase in commission over the course of a year. Small improvements add up!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.