Showtime – High-Flying Runway Reveal, Fashion Reaches New Heights

May 29th marks the introduction of Delta Airlines new uniform reveal. All across their global system, the Atlanta headquartered air carrier is showing off the new Passport Plum theme. It is a superb combination that features form and function. Delta is also the dominant carrier in Detroit.

Featuring Lands End manufacturing and a heightened degree of style, Delta released this statement, “As the sun rises in cities around the world this morning, a new uniform collection makes its first public appearance on 64,000 Delta Air Lines employees in airplanes, airports and hangars from Chicago to Honolulu. Created by fashion authority and acclaimed designer Zac Posen and built with Lands’ End quality, these designs embrace innovative fit, form and function, carrying Delta into the future in style.”

The collection makes a strong brand statement, elevating Delta from the look of a traditional U.S. carrier and introducing glamour and sophistication while offering the ease of machine-washable care for the carrier’s always on-the-go employees.

Delta’s last uniform update was in 2006 for above-wing employees (Delta Sky Club, ticketing and gate agents, Red Coats and flight attendants) and in 2000 for on-ground employees (aircraft maintenance professionals, ramp and cargo agents, and ground service equipment mechanics).

delta new uniform cart in aisle.
Delta new uniform cart in aisle

“We are happy to provide this level of quality, style and global sophistication to the professional men and women who represent Delta so well every day,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer. “The new Delta uniform collection offers unity between all workgroups like never before. We are one proud Delta team and it really shows.”

The uniform collection reflects employee input at each step of the design process. For three months, 1,000 Delta people in every diverse job function around the globe tested the uniforms. This was to ensure the final designs would support a variety of job functions, climates and body types. The Zac Posen and Lands’ End design teams conducted hundreds of focus groups, job-shadowed employees and gathered recommendations from more than 30,000 surveys. All of this led to more than 170 changes.

The uniforms for above-wing employees, designed by Zac Posen, are an iconic move for the Delta brand. Posen and his design team took care to incorporate innovative fabrics and technologies. They introduced unexpected signature details like the collar of the women’s blouse inspired by the wing of an airplane, and functional touches based on employee suggestions. Pockets for passports and pens reinforce the utility of the garments.

Passport Plum – a shade that flatters every skin tone. For 30 years, Delta’s uniforms have been navy and red, blending in with other U.S. carriers. Now, with five wholly reimagined hues – Passport Plum, Cruising Cardinal, Groundspeed Graphite, Traveling Thistle and Skyline Slate – Delta people will really stand out. “Whether it’s the plum, the design or the attention to detail, the idea isn’t to remain in the current or the past,” Delta Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mapes said. “It’s really about the future of Delta and making a much bolder, fashion-forward statement that all of our people can be proud of for years to come.”

The uniform collection marks the new Delta royal and imperial boldness. For the Flight Attendants there are many combinations that the wearer can combine. The regal hue is the ideal balance of historic inspiration yet innovative design to fly Delta into the future.

delta new uniforms exclusive preview.
Delta New Uniforms Exclusive Preview.