Shiply Offers Affordable Man & Van Services, Conserves Environment

Studies show that more than 50% of all lorries in the UK run with part empty space and 25% run completely empty without any cargo. One sector has been working to reduce this inefficiency by helping consumers find more affordable man and van services. And in doing so, companies like Shiply are taking a big leap towards reducing CO2 emissions. This company has already reduced almost 105 million kg of CO2 emissions over its history of a decade of operations.

Shiply was founded in 2008 and allows consumers looking to move furniture or seeking small house removal service to save money by requesting quotes from over 102,334 service providers. In helping use that spare capacity, the company has helped tens of thousands of consumers find cheaper moving services.

Some of the businesses in this industry can have hundreds of thousands of rated delivery companies on their list. Potential users can check feedback ratings from previous clients before choosing the right service provider. The quotes provided on such websites can be up to 75% cheaper compared to what is otherwise offered in the removals market. This is because such companies tap in to the spare capacity available with delivery companies which are already servicing the same routes.

Shiply Offers Affordable Man & Van Services, Conserves Environment 1
Photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash

Shiply is an excellent example of the simplicity of the model that has been developed over the years. Independent man and van services offer a higher level of flexibility compared to larger transportation and courier services. Such services can also handle a wider range of loads.

Consumers also find more flexibility with regard to the level of service they can request from such a man and van company. They can order an extra pair of hands for lifting heavier furniture without going over their budget.

A man and van service is a simple way to deliver anything from one place to another, such as a small home removal or for moving items that cannot be moved in a personal vehicle. Comparison websites have developed a simple, quick, and reliable system to find quotes from affordable and reliable service providers.

There has been a surge in demand for man and van services, especially due to the increase in transactions taking place through online classifieds sites. A significant percentage of consumers include those who purchase second-hand office and home furniture and appliances. And the lower rates offered by this unique service helps keep costs down, which is the primary objective behind choosing used goods.

Such services don’t offer hourly rates which can prove to be expensive if the vehicle gets stuck in traffic or there are any other delays. The unbiased reviews and ratings further help potential consumers choose a reliable service provider near them.

Different in many ways to other removal services, this sector has been instrumental in making its contribution to environmental conservation as well. For example, Shiply has been using spare capacity in transport vehicles and claims to have helped save more than 104 million kg of CO2 since 2008 when it began its operations. Recognition like the Environment and Energy Awards are evidence of this sector making such positive contributions.

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