Security No Concern For A-List Hollywood Party ‘Models & Millionaires’

Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin only sees new models and talent once a year, but when he does, the line stretches down the block. This year, the firm joins its other company, The Hollywood Sentinel, and host Ninon de Vera De Rosa, for Starpower’s night of “Models and Millionaire’s” at Ninon’s private estate.

On Friday, October 29, 2010, guests including celebrity publicist Michael Levine (who reps Hollywood rebels Kiss, Michael Moore, etc), the woman TMZ calls Hollywood’s most crazy publicist Charmaine Blake, Ralph Rieckermann (The Scorpions), Donald Trump’s Miss USA, and many more of the rich, famous, and beautiful will roll up Mulholland Drive in Halloween costume, in their limos and luxury cars for a special night benefiting DeRosa’s KidsTalk.Org, which helps children in Los Angeles and Africa to escape poverty.

Asked about security concerns of so many beautiful models coming together with the rich and powerful, Bruce Edwin states, “Ninon is friends with Vice President Joseph Biden and the chief of police. We also have Mayor Antonio Villaragoisa expected to show up. Additionally, my client Mel Novak will be there. Mel fought Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on film, and presently preaches to guys on death row in San Quentin, and if they get too loud, he tells them to ‘sit down and shut up!’ So no, I’m not worried about security problems a bit.”

Singer Moira Cue performs a brief set with guitarist Mark Woolley at 9pm. Doors open at 8pm with an open wine bar, hors d’evours, and 80’s music setting the tone for the networking event of the year that many stars are vying to get on the list for.

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