Sacramento Professional Women Go Back to Networking Basics

Sacramento area National Association of Professional Women members go back to networking basics in face of difficult economy.

The National Association of Professional Women, or N.A.P.W., provides its members with a wealth of powerful resources and services. But many members in the Sacramento area have decided to utilize old-fashioned face to face networking to support one another and advance their business goals. Instead of relying on blogs or online podcasts, a group of strangers will meet for the first time for lunch on Monday.

Every business and employment expert trumpets the importance of “networking,” yet the most popular methods of communicating – texting, email, instant messaging, blogs – leave people more isolated than ever.

These Sacramento women have decided that getting together to meet would provide a much more powerful way of supporting one another. It is hoped that this luncheon will be just the first of many local meetings for N.A.P.W. members.

The N.A.P.W. is the most rapidly growing and recognized association for women in the United States, with members ranging from those just starting out to those with established careers. Their website,, outlines many modern methods and opportunities for women to advance their growth. This luncheon meeting in Sacramento might revive old-fashioned personal networking here and spread to other cities.

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