Rolsen Group Invests in B&J

Established in 2016, B&J, the acronym for Jivan and Blend, is one of the leading currency and oil trading companies in the world. It is run by the famous Kurdish entrepreneur – Jivan Mazuri, and has its operations in Istanbul, Dubai, London, and Erbil.

Recently, Rolsen Investment Group – a Dubai based investment company that entered the Kurdistan region in 2009 – connected with B&J and decided to invest in them. Rolsen Group has been known to invest in many large and small companies to help them grow.

Jivan Mizuri.

About Rolsen Group

Rolsen Group entered the Kurdish region in 2009 from Dubai. Since then it has invested in a number of construction projects.

The Coming Together

It is interesting to see two large private companies – the Rolsen Investment Group and B&J coming together to help each other expand. B&J is already an established trading company and this deal would help them make inroads into the global market. Moreover, Rolsen Investment group is also working to rebuild itself after a few issues and this deal has brought them back in the news.

The Plan Ahead

It is indeed interesting to see two seemingly big companies coming together, but the most exciting part of this deal is their plan to build Kurdistan shopping centre, which was earlier supposed to be called the Rolsen shopping centre, in Erbil. As per the plan, the construction would begin in 2019 with a budget of approximately 90 million dollars. It is the biggest project for Rolsen as of now.

And, according to Jivan, it is just the beginning. This deal hopefully would help materialize many more ambitious projects in the future. It is a huge merger, and it will impact the business world in many ways.

Now, everyone’s eyes are set on the future of this deal.

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