Robotic End Effectors have an Impact on a Bot’s Performance

It is not possible to have a robot working properly without the required and appropriate end of arm tooling. Any industrial robot must have this very essential accessory. Installing an EOAT on a robot’s wrist enables the bot to be used for a variety of applications.

Without the end effector, the robot does not have any specific tasks that it can perform.

Determining the Use of the Robot

The tasks that the robot was built for will determine the type of end effector that will be installed. The right EOAT will enable a robot to perform at the highest levels. The wrong one will be an industrial nightmare.

It is therefore of utmost importance to determine the purpose of the robot so that it can be determine which is the right end effector to attach. Visit the site for more information on robotic end effectors and their significance in production.

Choosing the Right End Effector

The services of a robotic systems integrator is needed to review the application of the robot comprehensively. A robotic systems integrator has the needed experience and knowledge to advise on the best end effector for an industrial robot.

These factors must come into play while selecting the perfect EOAT:

  • Payloads
  • Velocity
  • Tooling lengths
  • Space limitations
  • Working pressures
  • Part parameters
  • Budget limitations

Material Handling

There are two types of grippers that you must choose from. These are:

  • Vacuum grippers
  • Mechanical grippers

The weight of the material as well as the size must be taken into consideration to make the best choice. The end of arm tooling will be based largely on its weight especially if the robot has to reach far.

Nevertheless, a quick change tooling device which allows for switches between different end effectors is allowed.

In order to land on the most convenient solution for one’s needs, the user must choose an end effector having in mind the many application factors that will give him the most productive robot. This way, he will have a robot that works perfectly and his production and profit margins will go up.

The Right End Effector Will Affect Performance Positively

As implied earlier, the wrong end of arm tooling can cause an industrial nightmare. This is because it will slow down business operations if not halt them altogether. The impact of this would be slowed production leading to massive loss.

A robot using the wrong EOAT will have two possible problems:

  • It may be damaged
  • It may be so slow that it can barely keep up with modern production lines

This would be detrimental for business operations as it would lead to a decline in productivity as well as substandard products. The purpose for investing in robots in the first place is to improve production as well as profits.

Therefore, in order for a robot to perform at optimum levels, one must be careful to select the right end effector. The right one will handle parts as per expectation and also perform its tasks efficiently.

While robots are viewed as perfect machines that work with precision and without error, they will not make up for an end effector that cannot perform its tasks as expected. When a user has the right one, then his business stands to reap the benefits of automation.


End of arm tooling is essential to the performance of any industrial robot. Without it, a robot is a lump of metal with nothing to contribute to a business. It is crucial to have the right end of tooling to reap the maximum benefits of automation for one’s business.

The results will be felt within a short period of time and the return on investment is also fast. An experienced robotic systems integrator will play a very crucial role in helping one choose the correct end of arm tooling for the robots used in his specific industry.

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