Reach Higher Levels Than Ever: Tips To Maximize the Productivity of Employees

The way an office is organized greatly affects the productivity of both individual employees and collective employee productivity. Whether operating a small business, work from home or have more than 100 employees, organization eliminates distracted workspaces and maximizes productivity. The best thing that can be done is for the company to take a proactive approach towards productivity. It always seems to be easier to push production when things are going well so try to do this instead of sitting back comfortable. These few tips can keep employees maximizing their day.

Rolling Carts

Rolling carts allow easy access to the tools an employee needs throughout the day. Maybe they don’t need a specific item all the time, but having a rolling cart allows them to move those items closer to their workspace when they do need them. Choose one with 5 inch caster wheels that easily rolls across the surface of the floor. Rubber wheels prevent scuff marks on the floor while heavier-duty wheels work better on concrete surfaces supporting the weight large, heavy objects.

Office Chairs

Office chairs that are static don’t allow for easy movement when at the desk. Caster wheels on the bottom of the office chair let the person swivel, turn and scoot to their desk, file cabinet or to make an inquiry on the other side of the cubicle wall. Employees waste time and energy trying to scoot chairs without wheels making them less likely to quickly find what they need. This can also help foster communication as swinging a chair around to show someone something or engage in conversation is much better. For any organization trying to improve productivity the stream of communication is going to come up due to its importance when it comes to production.

Desktop Organization

There are tons of small organizational tools available to sit right on top of the desk. Pen holders are perfect for keeping the most-used writing tools available along with even a pair of scissors or pencils. Small drawer organizers can hold sticky notes, paperclips, binder clips and erasers within arm’s reach for easy access. Document trays allow employees to know what needs to be done, what has been done and what needs to go to someone else. They can slip the paper right into the appropriate bin.

Trash Bins

Have a handy trash bin right by the person’s desk, so they don’t have to get up to remove waste. Add a recycling box if the company is a green business. At the end of the day, the employee can take the appropriate bins and empty them in the appropriate larger business bins. Or, the company can hire a cleaning service to handle that job for their employees.

Maximum Productivity

Taking some of the everyday tasks out of the hands of employees naturally maximizes their productivity. When they spend less time focused on clutter, they have more time for the work they need to do. A disorganized desk often clutters the mind preventing the employee from focusing on the work they should be doing. A few organizational policies and items can change all that.

Take the time to sit down and assess where employees can be more productive. This might be quite an important thing to do as it could come to light certain departments are not pulling their weight. In order to have the best company possible it is essential for all departments to be working together producing quality work for clients consistently.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.