Quest Launches First Dehumidifier for Commercial Cannabis Growers

Quest, a leading manufacturer of dehumidifier products, revealed the world’s first dehumidifier for commercial cannabis growers. The product is a 500-pint model that meets the demands of cultivators that have requested environmental control technology to better grow their product.

The Quest 506 was introduced at the 2017 MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

Quest took input from cultivators over the course of their company’s 10+ years’ experience in the industry. The tradeshow, the world’s largest trade show for cannabis growers, includes products from manufacturers that focus primarily on the cannabis industry.

The 506 has a patent pending on the model’s energy-efficient design.

Quest claims that the 506 is the most energy-efficient model in the world above 105 pints. The unit operates at 8.1 pints per kilowatt hour. The Quest 506 is able to remove 60-percent relative humidity and removes 506 pints at 80 degrees.

“The 506 is a game-changer because we’re filling a gap in the dehumidifier space and creating more options for growers,” said Clif Tomasini, director of operations at Quest. “As grows have increased in size, the need for units like the 506 has spiked, so our goal here is to address efficiency, reliability and ease of use for large-scale operators.”

Quest will offer a five-year warranty on the Quest 506.

The company also revealed the Quest Dry 132D Desiccant Dehumidifier. The unit is designed to be the best dehumidifier for dry rooms, experimentation and seed storage. The humidifier works by using a silica gel material to remove moisture out of the air.

Silica gel is a material that doesn’t rely on refrigerant, allowing the gel to dehumidify at temperatures below 70F. The Dry 132D removes the moisture in the air while creating a cool, dry environment. The environment is ideal for storing cannabis seeds or terpenes.

The Quest Dry 132D removes 60 percent of relative humidity and removes 132 pints at 80 degrees. Tomasini claims that the 132D was created to offer dialed-in humidity regulation. The 132D can operate horizontally or vertically and comes with a variety of ducting options. The ducting options allow for complete setup customization to meet the needs of various cannabis operations.

The unit is designed to be combined with other Quest models to optimize environments for growing and cultivating cannabis.

MJBizCon featured 18,000 attendees, with a lot of new vendors and companies in attendance. Nuwu Cannabis made a big splash at the event with their marketplace. The company’s dispensary, spanning 16,000 square foot, made headlines when the company introduced a drive-thru service.

Speakers at the event noted many of the industry’s trends, including mainstream companies that are trying to break into the industry through acquisitions and investments. George Blackenship, a former executive at Tesla and Apple, states that innovation in the industry is starting to pick up. Blackenship visualizes being able to ask “Alexa” to order cannabis in the future.

A virtual reality booth was setup at the event to allow attendees to experience cannabis in a virtual reality world.

Women-led sessions were also a big hit, with women calling for a diverse, inclusive industry to remain.

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