Petra Solar IntelliView Platform Makes Managing Grids Easier

Petra Solar, a New Jersey-based technology company that provides smart energy solutions to the electric supply industry, has launched IntelliView, a smart energy platform.

IntelliView provides the electric supply industry with a suite of state-of-the-art services to manage a wide range of smart grid applications.

IntelliView uniquely combines smart grid network infrastructure management with renewable energy management services for our worldwide utility partners,” says Dr. Shihab Kuran, president and CEO of Petra Solar. “The robust platform is scalable to future smart grid applications, including energy efficiency, energy conservation, grid reliability and smart microgrids.”

The IntelliView smart energy platform provides critical analysis of smart grid application data. It enables remote command and control of large distributed energy systems. With its Network Management System (NMS) as a foundation module, users have a dashboard view of all elements of the communications network. NMS includes alerts, performance summaries, and mesh networking diagnostics are provided for problem identification and resolution on an exception basis.

IntelliView also has an Energy Management System (EMS) module. The EMS enables a centralized view of a virtual power plant consisting of a large installed base of SunWave smart solar systems distributed over a broad geographical area. You can perform essential analysis required for ensuring peak generation and maximizing your investment. IntelliView’s modular design creates the platform for additional data-analytics modules, coupling critical network management with smart energy applications.

Petra Solar also has a Network Operations Center (NOC) that expands its smart energy services offering from support of SunWave smart solar systems to the option for full remote 24/7 operations of Petra Solar designed smart grid networks.

Utilities can leverage the expertise of the Petra Solar highly trained technical staff to be the first line of defense. This comes in the form of managing, monitoring and troubleshooting the system. This model allows utilities to focus on other key functions of their operations, while deriving full benefits from their investment in the Petra Solar designed smart grid system.

Petra Solar was founded in 2006 by Kuran who has pioneered technology that combines distributed solar energy generation with Smart Grid communications. This aspect of Petra Solar has improved grid reliability features in order to create a utility grade solution that delivers the highest economic value for solar power.

Petra Solar’s innovative SunWave system also provides distributed clean energy that ties directly into the electric grid. It does not require an upgrade to either the current transmission or distribution infrastructure, eliminating grid interconnection issues faced by traditional solar systems. One of the key advantages of the Petra Solar solution is its flexible grid integration architecture that enables installation on existing assets that can hold one or more solar modules.