Personality Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Why do some start-up businesses succeed, while others fail? If there was a concrete answer to this question we’d all be rich! There are, however, a few traits that the founders of successful companies seem to have in common. The following are a few of these personality traits which have been shown in studies to lead to a greater chance of success

personality traits successful entrepreneurs


Specialty skills in a defined niche can help you in a number of careers, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you will need to be a jack-of-all-trades. Company founders find the most success when they’re able to help manage all the different facets of the business, from marketing to accounting. They must possess all the skills required to run a small business, since in many cases the small business starts off as a one-person operation. Individuals who have experience in a number of different industries tend to fare best when they start their own companies, so think general rather than specialist.


The next personality trait required for entrepreneurial success is self-confidence. Let’s face it, a good percentage of new businesses fail. To contend with these odds, you must be able to be optimistic and believe in your product. Entrepreneurs who succeed are overwhelmingly optimistic, to the point that many even think that they will outlive others!


Starting your own business requires the ability to deal with periods of uncertainty, and all the obstacles that pop up along the way. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t the types to just throw in the towel when the going gets tough; they push through due to their optimism and ability to learn from their mistakes. All businesses have rough spots and failures along the way, so this trait is vital to success.


Originality and creativity are also defining traits of an entrepreneur. Successful start-ups are able to fill a void or create a solution to a problem, so entrepreneurs are able to find niches and create new products or services to meet these needs. They are visionaries, able to identify demand for a product or service before others can. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are excellent communicators, with an ability to share their visions with clients, employees, and investors.

Risk taking

Finally, an entrepreneur isn’t afraid to take risks. Like perseverance, this means the ability to roll with the punches and not get spooked by obstacles. If you’re afraid to take chances, you won’t be able to keep going when there are financial setbacks and see a project through to the end. The willingness to take risks doesn’t necessarily mean foolhardiness, however. It just means being willing to take a gamble using your intuition, research, and vision and see it through.

These traits show that you don’t necessarily have to be a Type A workaholic to be a successful entrepreneur. Instead, you must have tenacity, vision, and the ability to follow your gut without worrying what others think. Combined with real world skills, these traits can lead to success.

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